About Kevin Leu

Kevin Leu finished 3rd at the 5th grade Science Fair at Sam Houston Elementary. Call them. Ask them if they keep records from 1989. He invented a solar-powered flag pole that would allow the flag to raise itself each morning, rather than have someone manually lower it each night and raise it each morning. It was genius. He still has a patent pending -- he's horrible at paperwork -- and is waiting for the royalties to come pouring in so that he can swim in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

Sadly, 5th grade would be the peak of Kevin Leu's life.

Silicon Valley Bachelor, or SVB, has evolved over the years from a relationship advice website, to one that is now much more complex -- a tragic cautionary tale about how one should NOT live their life. The site has had over 1 million readers since its inception. Many of those visitors read one post, mark the site as spam, and then never return.

Kevin attended the University of California, San Diego with a major in Communication(s). He graduated with no distinction and few friends. To this day he is still not sure if "Communication" has an "s" at the end or not.

He began his career in local television news as a reporter and sometimes anchor -- with stints in Pocatello, ID, Redding, CA, San Diego, CA, and Columbus, OH. He was fired from many of those jobs amongst growing viewer backlash.

Here's a glimpse at Kevin Leu's life in pictures (as those are the types of books he "reads"). And here are some of his interests, not surprisingly, also in pictures.

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