What a Successful Man Looks For in a Woman

Anyone who is an avid reader of Silicon Valley Bachelor knows that the underlying theme of everything I write is to help people. Since, I, myself, am beyond help, I figure I can teach others the errors of my ways, so that you can grow up to be productive members of society... and not a "loser" like my Mom says that I am. I like to think of myself as a modern-day Robin Hood of words... or a modern-day Nic Cage from Leaving Las Vegas.

Below is an email from a reader that makes all the time I spend writing worthwhile.

Silicon Valley Bachelor, 
Hello My name is *****. I just read your internet article on "How to score the Silicon Valley Man of your Dreams". I wanted to send you this email to thank you very much for your words. I live on the east coast, originally from Northern VA/DC area. I recently relocated to Virginia Beach, VA. I am a driven, motivated, and extremely ambitious women of 28-years-old. 
I recently got out of a 3 and half year relationship with a man that I really loved. At the end of this road, I realized something....he was holding me back from being the successful individual I know I was born to be. We had our ups and downs, and like your words stated, he himself did not have his life put together and he could not handle a woman such as myself. This morning I was surfing the internet and came across your article. I read it in its entirety and there, It hit me. You were right. Something I knew all along, but just needed to hear it from someone else. I need a man that is going to match me. Someone who is strong, intelligent, driven, motivated, and ambitious such as myself !!!!  
I wanted to take this brief time out to email you. Thank you so much for your words. They really helped me with my situation. I wish you the best in your future endeavors! Thanks again.

This email means just as much to me as my words meant to you. Thank you. To all the under-appreciated women out there in difficult relationships - stand strong, stand proud, and know that there's nothing wrong with standing alone. Here's a link to the article this note refers to: How to Score the Silicon Valley Man of Your Dreams.

I really appreciate all the kind emails, as opposed to the emails that graphically describe how you plan to urinate and defecate on my dead, lifeless body, and then dismember me and feed me to a pack of wild boars.

This is a nice change of pace.

Kevin L.

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