Best and Funniest Halloween Costumes of 2012

Well, some of you folks may know by now that my website gets a lot of hits around Halloween. I'm kind of a big deal. I've written posts about Halloween costume ideas for the last few years and they get found frequently on search engines (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Holy SH*T. I've been writing this site for a long time and I'm poorer than I was when I started it!!!). Anyhow, I guess I have to keep the tradition going, but I guess under that same logic I have to fail my STD tests again this year.

Moving on, you guys are in luck. I got some good ones. Instead of doing a countdown to the best, I'm just going to post as they randomly come into my head. That's how good I am.

In terms of simplicity and laughs you'll receive, I have to go with the guy in the elevator in the Gangnam Style video. All you gotta do is thrust your pelvis at everyone all night and look goofy. Sounds like quite a stretch for me.

Another instant classic? You and a buddy can go as referees, while one guy waves his hands in a sign of an interception and the other signals a touchdown. For added laughs, you can wear dark, black sunglasses and carry around a walking stick. (Although, there's a good chance this one might get played out by Halloween.)

Here's another simple one. If you've seen Breaking Bad, you will probably bone the guy who's wearing this outfit - just because you love the show so much. It's pretty simple though - tightie whities, green dress shirt, and you can probably substitute the gun for a beaker. What a perfect way for you to show off your legs!

Ladies, don't think I forgot about you. If you're not busy dressing up as a slut from any of these highly creative occupations: nurse, school teacher, student, cop, devil, angel... I suggest you go as... wait for it... wait for it.... HONEY BOO BOO CHILD! I laugh just from saying, "boo boo"!

Here's another one for the ladies. It's not funny, but I think it would be sexy as hell (for me). Katniss Everdeen. I would go up to you and be like, "I'll be your sweet Peeta any day... unless you want to be with Gale after the third book. You know, like later on in life. As a second marriage kind of thing. Because I can be him too. I'll wait for you..." That's when things may get a little awkward between me and said stranger.

Katniss gets two pictures, because I get to do whatever the hell I want!!!!

Finally.... I'm running out of steam here. I still think some of my ideas from years past are good. Like the cast of Gilligan's Island?!? Easy and clever! Go click on those links at the top. I did Milli Vanilli and Zoolander, amongst others, but this year I'm going for the kill... literally. (Well, not literally, but hypothetically literally on a fantasy level.) I'll see you on a cutting board soon, immobile from Saran Wrap. Naked. 


Not you. 

Kevin L.
Happy Halloween!

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