The Making of: Sh*t NO ONE Says in Silicon Valley

I'm largely critical of products that I think are inferior - but I also believe that's the heart of Silicon Valley. It's what makes hackers (the good ones), question their surroundings and disrupt inferior technology - making the world a better, harmonious place! Yaaaay! Those in this business believe we can always make something better. (Friendster < Myspace < Facebook.) Unfortunately, it also leads to an industry full of haters. If you've ever read any of TechCrunch's comment boards, you'll see what I'm talking about. It was even worse before they implemented Facebook comments, which now shows you who's making that comment, BASHING the latest tech star. Heck, in any entrepreneur's pitch deck, a requisite slide pinpointing the flaws in competitor's technology and products is standard.

When making "Sh*t People in Silicon Valley DON'T Say", my friend Shobeir, Eric, and I, only agreed to move forward if we were going to create a product that trumped "Sh*t" videos in the Silicon Valley space. I don't want to be mean, and they seem like nice people, but almost all of them were off. It's also a startup lesson learned. We had the idea and a funny-ass script written for "Shit Silicon Valley Says" a week before another one came out and right before the location-based "sh*ts" even began - with the most notable being New York, DC, and LA. But the busy startup schedule made it difficult for three guys in three different cities to coordinate a reasonable time. We began shooting on the day the other one posted to YouTube. We still may complete it one day, but decided to reverse course and do something no one in the Valley had done yet. The startup lesson that the Valley knows is this: the audience garnered from 'first to market' is huge, sometimes difficult for future competitors to overcome. But people in Silicon Valley are not going to stop trying. And, in the end, the better product wins. (Unless your name is Beta, HD-DVD, the liquid metal guy from Terminator 2, or Elin Nordegren.)

There's two ways to "play" the videos: simple, but subtle truths - like when Owen Wilson tells Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers that jokes only work if they're small truths; or, an egregious overplayed exaggeration. While doing research on all the videos, I liked both, but the best were:

Sh*t Girls Say (the original)
Sh*t Asian Dads Say
Sh*t Guys DON'T Say
Sh*t Nobody Says

Ours is obviously an exaggeration, since it's what people DON'T say. I do hope you enjoy our video, and maybe it'll go viral. It'd be nice, because the only thing that has ever gone viral for me, are the STDs running through my body. As for whether you think it sucks, I hope you express that and do something better. It's what Silicon Valley was built upon.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. I won't delete negative comments like that "other" video. Still, major props for being first to market.

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