Quality Over Quantity

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't written anything in over two weeks. Some of you may have thought I jetted off to another far-off destination where people have loose morals and low standards for ethical human beings. Some of you may have even worried that I became a victim of alcoholic extravagance... laying somewhere on the road as hordes of people walk by, ignoring my lifeless run-over body. Some of you haven't wondered anything at all, forgetting that I even exist, and cursing that you remembered that I did. Well, I shall answer you now! Most of my writings just haven't met my expectations... plus, I've been drunk more than normal.

I hold myself to a very high standard when writing anything on this blog. I feel very fortunate that you even choose to come to this website and I want to make sure that anything you read here, will either make you laugh, cry, discuss, engage, or puke. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've spent hours writing something, only to say it sucks - then drown myself in a bottle of whiskey and sing sad country songs until the wee morning hours. I'll tell ya, Johnny Cash is straight up suicide music. He was yesterday's Adele.

I am considerate of the time you have voluntarily given to me. If I don't laugh at my own work, then I don't publish it. Maybe one day, it will be like the unpublished work of Tupac: subpar, but able to be released with a posthumous beat year after year. Heck, even his sex tape just came out now, like 14 years after his death!?!!! BTW, if anything should happen to me, please NEVER look at the folder marked "videos" on my computer. You will be shocked and probably projectile vomit through your nose.

Sadly, for the women in my life and past, my general philosophy on writing does not extend as far to the sexual realm. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "Are you done already, you sonofab*tch!??!" I would be a rich, rich man. Like, Carlos Slim rich. In bed, I believe in the philosophy of quantity, not quality. If you were one of the unfortunate, you probably heard this in response... "oh snap! Sorry. I'll get ya next time! Time to go night night! Vibrator's in the drawer."

So, while I apologize for the lack of posts, know that you can go back to any of my previous posts I've written over the years and know that they get my seal of approval. I will NEVER churn out blog posts on a daily basis, because you lose the ability to write something truly good. You may have some hits, but most will be misses. One of my favorite writers was Rick Reilly when he used to close out Sports Illustrated magazine. His weekly article wasn't any longer than what is today's blog post. They were always insightful, funny, or inspiring. I hope that is what you get from coming to Silicon Valley Bachelor. I am grateful, and will always work hard to justify your visits.

Happy New Year and be grateful for the smiles and cries - because that's the only thing in this world nobody can take from you. My man, Ethan Hawke, said that in Training Day.

Smiles and Cries. Use them. Appreciate them.

Peace. I love you.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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