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In my time as the SVB, I've done many things to get into the mind of a woman. Like watch The Notebook, read Twilight, and wear women's lingerie to feel a little sexy. Next, I hope to read Eat, Pray, Love and then fall in love with a Brazilian beefcake in Bali. You must BE the prey to eat the prey. I just made that up. Anyhow, what better way to get into the mind of a female, than a female telling us how to get into her mind? I'd like to welcome the first guest post from's founder, Nina Levin. 

Cue applause....... for me. Keep going..... hold it.... End. Here's Nina!

By Nina L.

Now, I’m about to say something that may result in a compulsory head-shake and a look of disbelief: There are women in the Silicon Valley. Single, intelligent, and (GASP) hot women.

Once you’ve digested this potentially life-altering piece of information without sustaining injuries, you may be led to the next and most obvious question – where are these creatures? Are they hiding in their natural habitats, only venturing out when in need of sustenance?

Girls are everywhere in the Silicon Valley. I actually believe that girls are more socially active than guys in this area – when I’m out doing events or checking out local goings-on, it’s mostly chicks that show up. The problem is that you’re looking for the available ladies in the wrong places. Girls don’t hang out at dive bars where they can watch Cubs game highlights and drink Heineken. They’re not looking to meet guys when they’re at the local coffee shop with their headphones plugged in and clearly avoiding eye contact. They’re certainly not at the midnight showing of the Hangover 2 (and if they are, then they’ve got a boyfriend. Sorry.)

If you want to meet a single girl, you gotta think like a single girl. Girls like doing stuff that’s fun and low-key. Events and activities that don’t involve a lot of drinking typically attract available women. Any event where they can bring another girl and not go home looking like Courtney Love is probably a good bet.

Here’s a list of some great places to meet girls in an organic and non-creepy way.

1. UpTo29: UpTo29 is a site that I started specifically for 20-somethings in the Silicon Valley that want to meet new people and do fun stuff. We organize events solely for our members, and create an environment that’s easy to make new friends. It’s not intended for dating, but hey – if it happens, good on ya.


2. Trivia nights: Some bars do trivia nights during the week that can be surprisingly tough to win. If you’re up to it, go with a friend and scope out the bar for potential hotties – then ask to join their team. This has happened to me a few times and I’m always happy to meet new people and have them join my team. Just go to Yelp and type in “trivia” – you’ll get a ton of results with great reviews.

3. Dishcrawl: Think of a pubcrawl but instead of bars, you get to feast on the signature dishes of four different restaurants in one night. The group is typically around 40 people – but you gotta be careful because sometimes the age spread can be kinda wide. However, last time I went there was a pleasantly big group of 20-somethings.

4. San Jose Bike Party: Every month, the city of San Jose hosts a big bike ride that takes you through a different route every month. The ride is HUGE (like…a hundred people or more), and there’s a new theme every month. Most people don’t take the biking part of it seriously – many bring alcohol and strap stereos to their bikes. It’s super fun.

5. Yoga Classes: okay, open your mind a little here. I know it’s not totally manly to do yoga, but if you wanna meet flexible girls in kickass shape, then you have to try it. Plus, you have the advantage of being a gender minority in a place that typically is flooded with Y-chromosomes. In all the years that I’ve done yoga, I’ve only met a handful of guys with the balls to give it a shot. Keep in mind that a lot of girls like to hang out after class and talk – a perfect opportunity to go in for the kill.

6. Book clubs: There are a few 20-something book clubs in the Silicon Valley. Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View is a good place to start – they meet consistently every few weeks. It’s a great way to appear erudite and attractive without actually having to do much – you’re smart just by merit of being there. Pretty nifty, huh?

7. Homefrys: Homefrys is a great little group that does game nights in bars. What better way is there to meet chicks than playing taboo or Jenga? It’s interactive, really fun, and girls dig it. Just remember to let them win.

8. Kickball: I can’t stress the awesomeness of kickball enough. It’s a strange phenomemnon – but it seems like our generation has created the perfect fusion of childhood games, alcohol, and a general lack of athleticism. I’ve met so many people through kickball, and there’s nothing like making a good “getting to third base” joke.

9. Urban Scavenger hunts: There are a few groups in the area that do these cool scavenger hunts for people our age. You get set up in a team, so talking to people is easy. It’s a fun way to spend the afternoon, and there are always hiliarious stories tht come out of it.

Nice list, Nina. Thanks! Finally, there's an itinerary for me to follow other than, "get wasted in parking lot, go into bar, adjust g-string thong underwear, pray for drunk makeout session."

What are you waiting for? Stop playing Words With Friends on your phone in your room by yourself and get to doing something that you won't regret.


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