Sexiest Web Personalities, Lawyers, and Purse Designers

Every once in awhile I chronicle my friends who are doing big things. And believe me, I've got a lot of them. While I do send them some love in the form of a double fist bump to the heart and a peace sign pointed at them, I also like to send them something called "link love." You may have read about some of my other friends here and here. I am so gosh darn proud of those fools. They inspire me and you should read about them all on the above links. My friends are really good-looking too - no joke. It's a prerequisite for me as I rank that above personality, just below "likelihood of sleeping with me." As to why they keep me around, I assume it might have something to do with feeling better about themselves:

Entrepreneurial Friend #1: "Oh, I don't want to do anything today. All I've done today is make a sandwich."

Entrepreneurial Friend #2: "What time is it?"

EF #1: "3pm."

EF #2: "Well, look at it this way. You built a website, started a company, made new contacts recently... You know what Kevin's doing right now? Sleeping. You know what he did this last year?!? Nothing. A sandwich would be a daunting task for him."



EF #1: "Oh, man, I feel better already."

Glad to be of service. And I can make a sandwich, you sons of b*tches! .... But I choose not to!

1. Jessica Lopez - There have been many posts online and informal votes on the hottest, sexiest web personalities/bloggers out there. Inevitably, they'll include Sarah Lacy, Natalie Del Conte, Veronica Belmont, iJustine and others.... Now, I'm not saying they're NOT hot, but let me introduce you to my gal, Jessica Lopez. She is not a shameless self-promoter like those other gals, so she's a little under the radar, but she is a certifiable geek. (Sorry, Jess!) A HOT GEEK! She's an on-camera talent and blogger for InsideSimRacing TV. Check out her pictures below and watch her in action on the YouTube clip. It's a segment on the game, Need for Speed. Did you just read that correctly? Yes. She co-hosts a show about video games, if you couldn't tell by "InsideSimRacing TV".... Geek alert!

Now compare Jessica to the "so-called" "hottest" of the web here. I think there is only one clear-cut winner. ME! Wait... I mean, Jessica. (... but I should be on there too!)

2. Reza Khan - As for someone who is high on the list of good-looks and likelihood of sleeping with me, I'd like to introduce my friend, Reza Khan. He just started his own law practice, called Privity Legal Group. He now handles those five separate restraining orders I have against me, that judge-ordered distance of 100 yards from high schools (What!?!? I have a lot of questions on what constitutes high school property!), and that attempted murder charge when that bartender said "last call." I'm asking Reza to look into my defense as "probable cause" for murder. I never saw that defense on Matlock, but I swear it's a good one...

3. Irena Petrovic - This gal is a bundle of energy. Happily married, so I try not to hold that against her. She has an awesome site that sells Italian leather handbags, called Lelle Handbags. I don't even wear purses (or underwear for that matter), but I would almost consider wearing a purse with some of the designs on her site! Check them out! She's based in Australia and she's Latvian, so you know she's well-traveled with eclectic taste. I visited her and her husband in Australia and they had a stripper pole in the living room. I instantly felt a close connection with them.

Welp, there you go. I have many other friends who are doing some very interesting things, but I don't know if they need my shout-out here. They might be horrified to learn that would show up when Googling their companies. Those friends include one who started a web company that matches donors with charities, another whose company has been VERY successful in creating Facebook games, and another (this is my favorite) who is going to start a blow-job class (a la, Old School). I can't wait to sign up for it! I'm going to go with a cucumber....

Kevin L.
The Proud Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. I just recently made some moves myself! Some colleagues and I launched,, a singles travel site where you can see what girls look like all over the world and find out what they're like. Let me know what you think!

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