My Life as a Ridiculously Good-Looking Male Model

I love when I don't check my SVB email for weeks at a time while traveling - similar to when I traveled to China - and return to find that my readers have impressed me yet again.

Now, I often tell women about how I'm much better looking if they only have 6 or 8 more drinks or about, how in time, they can grow to love me, but now my patience is wearing thin! With the recognition of my male modeling skills, I will soon be an in-demand international heart throb (in Kuala Lumpur). Read below the email I received a few weeks ago:

I am Richard ***** and I work for a modeling agency called ****. We at Asia kuala lumpur have a few campaigns in which we use pictures of people who would not necessarily be models.I saw your profile picture and I think you would fit an advertisement campaign which I have on my books. If you are interested, feel free to send me a message and ask me any questions regarding the potential job.and you will earn a good money if you work with us.

Warmest Regards,
Richard *****

I always knew I had it in me! I have been carefully cultivating my looks for quite some time. I knew that those cucumbers would work wonders for my eyes, and the weekly mani/pedis would pay off, and when my friends made fun of my bathtub filled with mud, I knew. I knew.

Now, I know Mr. ***** did not mention what type of modeling project he has in mind, but as a male model - I can be molded like clay. Versatile. Dance, monkey, dance. I will be your private dancer, dancing for money - do what you want me to do (Tina Turner - love that song!). It's not hard to swallow your pride, when you have none.

I can only hope that I will be a model touting the virtues of child labor in Micronesia or maybe promoting the prostitution industry in Thailand as a Thai Lady-Boy, but whatever the job, I will happily allow myself to be talked into sleeping with the photographer before and afterwards.

Kevin L.
Male Model

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  1. You are so hilarious... you always crack me up LOL

  2. I will happily deliver your Eugoogily for you one day! Love you, too, Jamie!


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