Give So Much More Than You Get

It's okay to enjoy bachelorhood as long as you have it, but ultimately, we should be looking for the one that never makes us think about what we're getting - only the one that makes us unconsciously think about what more we can give.

Those words above are mine, but Michael Buble does a pretty decent knock-off. Apparently, he's a Canadian treasure...

If you're looking for a similar supermarket from the video, San Francisco has its own affectionate single's supermarket, called: Dateway. It's in the Marina, but don't take my word for it. I've been there but feel far too cheesy to hit on someone as if I was just in the neighborhood when I live an hour away. Maybe you'll meet the girl of your dreams you just haven't met yet...

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. I meet many many many people a day in my career...and being single myself i always ask where they met.

    Top 2:

    And nightclubs and through friends.

    I've yet to hear someone tell me they fell in love at the supermarket lol.

  2. I'm going to go get wasted this weekend and give the 24 hour Safeway by my house a shot.

    "So, carrots, huh? Do you need a banana to go along with that?"

    Afterwards, if you could kindly post bail for me - that would be nice.


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