Silicon Valley Bachelor For Life?

In writing Silicon Valley Bachelor, I take tremendous liberties with my persona, which may quite possibly damage my reputation beyond repair. If I were to go into a respectable job, I would assume someone would have to think twice before hiring such a loud-mouthed, opinionated, arrogant, hysterically funny, and distractingly handsome stallion of a man. The same goes for a relationship.

In what I write, I have no regrets. But what I write, does not define me. I make the SVB - the SVB doesn’t make me. While the vast majority of my writing is based on the interests of bachelors, worldwide, the vast majority of my interest lies in finding one woman for the rest of my life. Who knows? I may have already found her… but I’ll keep you guessing.

Everything I write about is factual – except for the parts where people find me attractive and like me – and that is what makes Silicon Valley Bachelor fun to read. (Occasionally). Some of my musings come from recent situations; others come from long-ago drunken puke-fests. But regardless of whether I am single or attached, I’ll always have a lifetime of thoughts on bachelorhood that will keep this website alive. (You haven’t even heard the best of them!)

I’ve lived my life hard and I’ll continue to do it with whatever life situation is in front of me. As a bachelor, I’ve embraced every waking moment of it. In relationships, I’ve loved until it hurts. In puking, I’ve projectiled until passing out. Half-ass is not in my vocabulary.

I love writing, but I’d be lying if I said I did it all for me. I do it to entertain – to make people laugh and to encourage emotions that make us all so human. Maybe one day I’ll make you cry, make you mad, or make you scream (most likely never in the bedroom), but I’ll be doing it as real personalities of me and I'll do it on my terms.

Silicon Valley Bachelor has never been who I am; it’s been one aspect of my personality. I make the SVB, just like I make my life each day. One day, God-willing, I’ll be the Silicon Valley Husband and I’d like to think I can do it just as well as I’ve done bachelorhood.

There’s a great saying by fashion models everywhere, whom I believe are the smartest people on earth, and it goes: "you wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you." You can apply that to life in more ways than one.


P.S. I don’t have to be the Silicon Valley Husband – Buenos Aires Husband or Mykonos Husband has a nice ring to it as well. Is Teresa Heinz-Kerry still married to that putz? Can John Kerry do Clark Kent as well as me? Eat your heart out!

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