Sexiest Male And Female Songs Ever

I don't think anyone has ever referred to me as sexy, but I'm certain numerous people have thought that at one time or another - especially when I got on the bus yesterday in my Z Cavaricci's and Cross Colours and that homeless lady totally checked me out. Don't worry, girlfriend, I'm scouring the Missed Connections section of Craigslist almost daily. I'll find you. Therefore, after this conclusive scientific analysis, I'd like to consider myself an expert on sexiness. In my history of listening and learning music, starting with the 'Reading Rainbow' theme song when I was a young tyke and ending with the 'Now I know my A-B-C's' song just last week, I have consumed much music.

Now there are 'baby-making' songs (i.e. think Maxwell, or Debbie Gibson) and there are just songs that are lyrically sexy and performed as such. I now present you the sexiest songs sung by a male and female ever. They make me want to get freak nasty.

(I don't know about you, but the thought of me getting freak nasty made me taste yesterday's Arby's just a little - hopefully you were not as adversely affected.)

Sexiest Song Sung by a Male Artist:

Billy Currington, Must Be Doing Something Right

Sexiest Song Sung by a Female Artist:

TLC, Red Light Special

Honorable Mentions:

Bobby Brown, Good Enough

Ghetto Honorable Mention (This song makes me laugh more than anything else, but I LOVE the beat and I love empowered women who can turn the tables on us chauvinistic males.):

Khia, My Neck, My Back (Lick It)

Hahahaha. I LOVE that last song. I wish I could sing it, but I would get absolutely no street cred singing: "My neck, my back, lick my p*ssy and my crack." Plus, I just recently got my man card back, so I'd like to hold onto it for awhile.

Enjoy these songs and go out and knock some boots!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Good content Kevin. Dont forget Usher's "Nice and Slow"!

  2. Well said, Ross. While I agree that Usher did "Nice and Slow" in a very sensual and seductive manner, it didn't bring up raw sexual emotions for me. In fact, if you watch the video - he's a CHILD - making the song that much less "sexier".

  3. I think you are bringing sexy back with your Z Cavaricci's and Cross Colours! I myself own a pair of Cavaricci's! They make my butt look better...
    And I strongly disagree about the Khia song. I think I vomited a little bit in my mouth with the lyrical recap. Thanks, Kevin.
    I dunno, maybe that would get the homeless woman all hot and bothered. It's worth a try I guess...

  4. @Misty - I think a packet of ketchup could get a homeless woman all hot and bothered. I will let you know after our first date.


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