How To Score With Women - The Enrique Way

There are few things that a common, average-looking man can do to woo a woman if you don’t have loads of cash to hire them to perform in your next music video. If that is your case, and your name is not Enrique Iglesias – listen up. Your life is about to change.

Enrique Iglesias, son of legendary ‘man-who-brought-latin-sexyback-to-the-states,’ Julio Iglesias, is the king. Filipino and Mexican, Enrique has mastered the art of the male seductive look. Sure, he hired Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Kournikova to star in his music videos – both of whom he promptly “dated” - but if it wasn’t for the ‘Enrique’ move, he would be just another hustler.

My friend, Chris, and I perfected the ‘Enrique’ starting in college while we were mere students of the art of seduction. While taking a latin ballroom dance class, (I know what you’re thinking, but just know that the ratio was 3 to 1, female to male, and that it has provided a lifetime of ‘artistic’ creativity), Chris and I would go on to master the moves of seduction – well, Chris somewhat comically. If you have ever watched an Enrique Iglesias video you will notice a move that he employs almost EVERY TIME. I’m not hating - it’s good. D*mn good!

Take notice of the screenshots below of various music videos.



Ring My Bells:

Rhythm Divine:


Could I Have This Kiss Forever:

Be With You:

It’s the Enrique hand gesture. Allow me to explain. You use your index and pinky finger to point at the woman of you dreams (each night) on the dance floor and you motion her over into your tractor beam that we like to call the ‘Enrique’. Once she, inevitably, comes over – you look away, somewhat embarrassed, but rather it’s a look of deep, complicated masculinity with a touch of erotic passion, and then you look back at her and use the ‘Enrique’ to lightly grace her face. This is when she melts into the gaze of your mysterious eyes. (Or in my case, the drunken, blacked-out, glossed over eyes.)

Below is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 - You start with the non-chalant look-away:

Step 2 - Then you follow that up with a dramatic, somewhat pained 'Enrique' towards the woman you yearn for.

Step 3 - These pictures are x-rated and aren't suitable to print. Let's just say there would be a pile of clothes leading to the bed. (And in my case, a look of unfulfilled disappointment from the targeted female.)

Well, now that I have shared with you the secrets of courtship, go out and try the move for yourself. You'll see. No words are ever necessary when employing this move. It goes from 'move' to bedroom. 60% of the time, it works every time.


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