What to Say in a Dating Video to Score the Woman of Your Dreams!

I sometimes wish for the days of dating-yesteryear. Oh, say, the early 80s, when I was 4 years old. If I still lived in that time, I could make a dating video professing all my qualities and never have to physically interact with the opposite sex. Although... I guess Facebook kind of accomplishes that today.

Well, below is the Facebook of the 80s! Guys putting their best foot forward for all the women to see!

This here below is my serious take at finding true love. I know it's sideways, but I'm tired and I don't want to do it again, so just lean your head to the left or turn your computer sideways. Afterwards, come find me at Harry's Hofbrau, where people like us can feel right at home.

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. that's some cheesy shit!

  2. omg.
    you crack me up.

  3. haha. Kevin, you're an interesting creature...

  4. Hello, my Anonymous friends, so you're tellin me there's a chance...

  5. ps-
    I bet you're not wearing any pants below that hoodie. (or chones!)
    just how i like it.
    *wink wink*


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