Love is Beautiful - Even a Bachelor Can See That

I came across one of the most heartfelt blog comments ever left on my blog this last weekend, right before I was heading off to Napa Valley for one of my dear friend's weddings. Perfect time for some sentimentality. It also happened to be on a blog post where I praise the virtues and lessons of Sex and the City over Entourage - not exactly a safe stand to take, coming from a "bachelor" blog.

He writes:

i stumbled upon this blog while at work and you know what i am really glad i read it, my girlfriend of a year is probably a 6 or so on the "richter scale" and often times i'm disctracted by the illusory beauty of the grass on the other side, but when i stop and think of our compatibility with one another, our shared experiences, and all the little acts of compassion and thoughtfulness she has shown me it amazes me that i have found someone so truly special. thank you kevin for reminding me that my girlfriend is "better than my dream girl because she is real"

Now, I may write a lot about the best places to find some action, tactics to score, late-night food, and run-ins with law enforcement (nothing was ever proven), but I'm truly a romantic at heart and this comment touched me. I may embrace bachelorhood a little too much. I may enjoy partying too much. I may hit on women with a little bit too much fervor. But no matter what I do in life, nothing can or could give me the same amount of joy as finding my soul mate.

Not sure what I mean? Check out what PURE joy looks like on the faces of my dear friends, Josh and Sarah, at their wedding this last weekend after being introduced:

Bachelorhood is fun, and I will always embrace it, but I will be cursed if I never get to experience love like theirs.

Consider yourselves lucky if you've found that special someone.

You can laugh at my antics, or live vicariously through me, but know that you are the one that I truly envy.

Kevin L.

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  1. Kevin... wow.... Im speechless..Everything has 2 sides like a coin. But I agree those who love live and those who have tried searching have lived as well... the Q is which life would you like to live? Luv ya


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