I left my phone in New York City

This is Sister SVB. Brother SVB returned from a trip to "visit me" in New York today.

Number of days Brother SVB was in New York City: 4

Time I saw him the daylight: 1 hour

Items left: 1 cel phone charger, 1 cel phone, 1 neck pillow, 4 fried chicken fingers

Number of my friends who had to share the living room with him at night: 1

Number of times said friend told Brother SVB "I hate you": 1

Number of times Brother SVB told friend, "I hate you": 2

Number of times Brother SVB threatened to punch friend in face: 2

Number of actual punches: 0

Average hour of Brother SVB's return: 4 am

Average hour Brother SVB arose from slumber: 4 pm

Number of blindingly white shoes worn sans socks: 2

Number of minutes Brother SVB takes to inflate aerobed: 30

Number of minutes average orangutan takes to inflate aerobed: 3

If Brother SVB is reading this, please call your sister.

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  1. Said friend was an annoying little 109 pound twerp! I woulda taken her out if she kept yapping her mouth about the amount of time it took me to inflate that electical aerobed mattress at 4am.

    I find that rurring to be quite peaceful when trying to sleep.

  2. whatever! i would so kick your ass if you even tried to punch me in the face. even hilary woke up and thought you were doing your hair.

  3. number of times k-lue drunk dialed even with out a phone after the first night: too many.

    number of drunk dialed conversations remembered by k-lue: zero.

    they were awesomely repetitive conversations.
    they were awesomely repetitive conversations.


    did I mention how awesomely repetitive the conversations were?


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