Doing Big Things: The People Who Make It Happen

I’ve written in the past about how proud and impressed I am with some of my friends. That continues to be the case as many of my friends find themselves mired under the same economic difficulties that befall the rest of the nation. I’m a true believer that we accomplish some of our most impressive feats under adversity. Take for instance the time I got let go from my first job and I promptly spent the next week playing Madden Football 12 hours a day and finishing in 3rd place against the computer! I, too, am impressed with that defining accomplishment. (I also slept 16 hours once too, but who's counting?)

The fact of the matter is, some people wait for things to happen, others, make things happen. Below are a list of my friends and the proactive efforts they’re taking to innovate and redefine in a time when complacency won’t do. It’s this drive that will lead us out of the recession and into a better tomorrow. Let’s face it – their passion and ambition is sexy. I want to do them all. (That's sexual intercourse, for the layman.) While some had their backs against the wall, most were just making things happen! Here are their ventures.

1. Toan Lam – - a former KRON news reporter who got let go, started his site to tell the stories of people who inspire. Along with running his website full-time, Toan also teaches at two local universities, and writes freelance for the Huffington Post. How’s that for reinventing yourself and making things happen? Fitting for someone who runs a website built on inspiration.

2. Jeremy Lee – - also a former KRON news reporter, Jeremy is now living amongst creative individuals in a New York housing unit meant to foster the talents of writers and artists. His site takes advantage of his boundless energy, acting, and satirical skills as he interviews celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and even himself under several of his different personas, including Chico Fuentes and Kenji Miyamoto.

3. Margaret Timbrell – Bath Sense - currently a talented San Francisco artist, (whose work happens to hang in my living room, with which I use to seduce women), Margaret recently bought a soap shop to pour her creative and upbeat personality into. My fandom of Margaret is well-documented. I guess now I will have to use real soap when I shower, rather than Dial hand pump soap gel.

4. Kim Casibang – Education Advancement Online – Kim started her website to help people continue their education - a major initiative of President Obama, if I’m not mistaken. I guess it's not too late for me to learn to read good and do other things good too.

5. Ryan Osilla and Irit Epelbaum – - Ryan and Irit are too very ambitious and driven people. While quite comfortable, and successful in their own right, they decided that wasn't enough. On top of their demanding full-time jobs, they started their website to help promote social change through a social community. By doing good deeds and finding other ventures to take part in, people can see what a difference they make and what a loser I am.

6. Ashley Gamble – Letter Kissed - My former college roommate is the sweetest gal you'll meet, so it's no surprise when she recently started a personalized stationary company. You can design invitations for births, graduations, and weddings. I guess I'll never be using this site. Here's to you "happy" people.

With 1 in 10 people unemployed in the United States, I find it pretty amazing that I only have like 1 out of 480 or so, close (source: Facebook) friends who are unemployed. You know who you are. Do something. In this world, we don't need an infusion of venture capital to make things happen. It's all within ourselves to make sh*t up as we go.

While I certainly don't wish for this to happen, if something did.... I have several ventures I would LOVE to take a chance on. Isn't that what makes life sexy? Don't wait for things to happen.

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. I truly LOVE all my friends.

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  1. Kevin--Fab blog. I just read a few of your posts. You are DOING something so give yourself some props! Holla!! coming soon. May have to glean some knowledge from experienced bloggers like SVB.

  2. Fo sho! Although, you should do the opposite of everything I tell you.

  3. why you always omit my KRON past?!? and you kind of forgot to mention that i'm famous.

  4. p.s. thank you. you are the best, kleu. you really are.


    She should be D-E-A-D. Dead. But is ALIVE! and living life to the fullest!


  6. Kevin Leu is also a mover and shaker, thanks for the plug!
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