Miss Michigan Gina Valo is Following Me on Twitter!

I have good news, friends and fellow blog-readers. Make that - excellent news - for I am not worthy of such good news. You remember in Married with Children (my favorite TV show), how nothing good would ever happen to Al Bundy for too long? That's me. Well, today, I logged into my Twitter account, which I use sparingly, only to find that I now have 45 'followers'. 44 of whom I could care less. (Sorry, Mom.) That one other follower? Gina Valo, former Miss Michigan!

Why she is following me, I have no idea..... But I checked to see if maybe she was just doing some kind of mass follow to get people to follow her back. Good news! (Again.) She is ONLY following 86 people! I am not the recipient of some pointless, mass follow! Yipppeeeeeee!

My only thought is that she follows this funny, deep, well-written blog, that often times uses clever word play and big words, that comes off as downright sexy, no matter what language you speak. It's also a place where I did happen to write a stalkerish post about her some 2 years ago. Or maybe it's that I'm an excellent go-go cage dancer and she saw me in Vegas before I got kicked out of the club. Or that she has been in Pocatello, ID, Redding, CA, San Diego, CA, or Columbus, OH during one of my newscasts and was instantly smitten with my deep, baritone, James Earl Jones voice and rock solid cheekbone structure. Anyway, the theories are boundless.... Bloggers, discuss. (My vote is for chiseled cheekbones.)

Well, because I am the SVB - it's time to play a little hard to get. Pause. Wait for it..... I am NOT going to 'follow' her back. What am I? Some kind of floozy? Followers must do something special to get a follow-back. You can't just be sexy, beautiful, smart, talented, and well-written (she actually has a pretty good blog at thesecondfiddle.blogspot.com) - you've got to stand apart - like knowing how to program the time on a Microwave, or quote lines from Tommy Boy, or hold my head out of the toilet when I'm puking - those are the traits that are truly special.

If for some reason this is just some kind of fluke Al Bundy moment and Gina meant to follow someone else, please do not inform me of this. Ignorance is bliss. And NO ONE enjoys being more ignorant than me.

Kevin L.
The Happy Ignorant Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Read her blog post on her dating exploits... remind you of someone you know??? I rarely laugh when reading any other blog posts besides my own, but I had to laugh a few times when reading that post. I didn't read any of her other posts, because I was too busy catching up on the old posts I'd written last year.

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  1. Knowing my sister, it may just be your high cheekbones.

  2. Thank you for that validation! I may write a tribute to you in my next blog post!


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