Art in the Parc: Margaret Timbrell - America's own Frida Kahlo!

My friend Margaret is one of my favorite peeps in the whole wide world! Although I don't know her that well, I figure it's a good thing, since she can only go downhill from here! Margaret is a painter who has dealt with some extenuating, horrific situations in her life. One of them being her friendship to me... which has led her to paint with the thoughts of death, destruction, pain, and disgust.

I recently commissioned her to do a piece for my living room, which had housed an empty, blank white wall for the last two years. I'd been looking for just the right piece that would spell out to the ladies: "hey, I'm not just a Swanson's Hungry-Man-TV-dinner-eating-kind-of-guy, but I also enjoy a fine glass of Charles Shaw and can spell the word 'art'."

Below is the beautiful piece that Margaret painted for me, that I have classically titled: Death and Boobies.

On a serious note, Margaret did face a life-altering accident when she was, not only hit by a truck (a la Frida Kahlo), but also run over as well. She had over 25 broken ribs that gave her a tremendous sense of mortality. As quoted in this San Francisco Examiner article titled, "Accident Leads to Provocative Art", Timbrell says:

"I maybe think about death more than other people," she says. "It’s kind of simplistic, but I frequently feel like I ought to be dead. My accident should have killed me, but I was extremely lucky and yet despite my good luck, one day I will die. There are things that I need to complete before then."

If Margaret is a grim person, she hides it well beneath her physical beauty and infectious laughter. Quick to smile, she has a witty outlook that belies her deep complexities - complexities which add a range of emotions to her layered art work.

I'm no art critic, but I enjoy Margaret's work. I frequently like to entertain my female guests by standing next to the painting with a chocolate cigar and rambling on about "my original Timbrell" and "commissioning" her to do the piece for me. I'll continue about how it's "abstract," "acrylic," and "violent and sexual in nature." Then I move on and tell them about my "personal" relationship with the artist and her tragic run-in with a truck - an accident that left her reflective, similar to a young Frida Kahlo.

Of course, she's not Mexican, her boyfriend doesn't cheat on her, she's not in constant pain, doesn't paint self-portraits, doesn't have a unibrow, but other than that, almost a dead-on Frida! I think the pain and anguish experienced by both women is what I can relate to and appreciate the most about them and their works. While I doubt anyone would know this about me, the demons that haunt me are never far from my life. Art, whether in the form or words, pictures, paintings, music, or food, can sometimes be your only real venue.

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Check out Margaret Timbrell's website at

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  1. Margaret's work will be at the Parc 55 Hotel for Art in the Parc tomorrow from 6pm to 8pm.

    RSVP at

    She's the bestest! Not to mention the free cocktails and hors d'oeuvres!

  2. death death death death! that's me!

    for reals. you're a good journalist, kevin, but get your facts straight. i DO have a unibrow. i just hide it well with my bangs.

  3. She also does a mean rendition of Grace Jones...


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