The Bruno Movie Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen and Borat are Back!

While I would like to see Baron Cohen record enough material for a stable of movies to guard again his success, 3 years after Borat, here comes Bruno! If you never watched HBO's Da Ali G Show, Bruno was one of the characters Baron Cohen developed along with Borat and Ali G. Bruno was a flamboyant, gay fashion correspondent from Austria.

Just like Borat, Bruno secured interviews with some of the fashion industry's titans and went to some of the most homophobic areas and settings of the U.S., including a gun show in Alabama and spring break in Florida.

Some of his zingers?

- getting two college guys to wrestle with him on the beach wearing very little

- asking a University of Alabama football player whether he can date his teammates during the season

- flirting with a very masculine gun owner

- having his fashion interview subjects contradict themselves and sit in uncomfortable positions during interviews

These description don't do the reactions justice. Watch Da Ali G show on DVD!

While Bruno's hair has changed for the movie, and some of the interviews and situations seem a little manufactured, I'm sure the responses he elicits are still honest depictions. Check out the movie trailer below:

In case the studio disables the video, you can click here to go to the Bruno site and see the preview.

While Borat taught us a little about the social shortcomings and mores of our society, hopefully Bruno can show us through socially awkward situations and laughter how limited we are in our treatment of gays and lesbians. I'm sure it'll be a subtle message, but an important one. It'll be interesting to see how receptive an American audience is to seeing a gay man make people uncomfortable as opposed to a Kazakhstani reporter.

I hear there are some really good moments in this movie, including a scene where Bruno gets Congressman Ron Paul into a bedroom with champagne and strawberries - hoping to make a sex tape. He also adopts a black baby and names him O.J. I would see the movie just for these two scenes.

Congratulations, Baron Cohen - for punking the American public again! We missed you.

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