The Best Singles Places in Buenos Aires, Argentina

While I don't condone such blasphemous behavior such as female exploitation, I am acutely aware that some of my most well-read blog posts are about "easy women," "places to hit on chicks," and "hot older ladies." To satisfy this majority thirst, I will now write about the best places to go to in Buenos Aires for some hot, funky, pirate loving. Of course, it should be noted that I spent my nights curled up reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez with a box of tissues, so these recommendations are a guess.

First of all, Buenos Aires is awesome. Imagine living in New York or San Francisco and going to the best restaurants in town, ordering a bottle of wine, cocktails, eating steak and never paying more than $50 for the meal. Next to Hong Kong, Buenos Aires is my next favorite city in the world, combining wonderful nightlife, great food, and beautiful women. But in terms of bang for the buck, BsAs is out of this world. If you ever want to retire to a place with all the amenities of what you're accustomed to in the United States, you can essentially triple your savings by moving to Argentina. The exchange rate is that good.

When drinking, you should drink Fernet and coke, which is what the locals drink. It tastes a little like licorice-flavored cough syrup, but it gets the job done! When in Rome..... Also, you should know that there is no rush to get drunk. Whereas in the U.S., we are perpetually in a rush, and last calls are at 1:30 am, most people don't even start heading out to the clubs in Buenos Aires until 1am. You can party all night and all morning with no worries about last call.

Now let's get you started with things you care about - like hitting on chicks. While a lot of these tour books like Frommers and Lonely Planet will tell you what nightspots to go to, they won't tell you what night of the week is good and what the clientele is like. This makes it particularly hard to navigate. I always recommend going to a tourist hotspot like an Irish Bar first where you know people will speak your language and you'll meet tourists on varying intervals of their trip. Cozy up to some hot english-speaking gal and chances are, they'll talk to you, because that's what tourists do - they talk to everyone. You can't be standoffish on an international vacation - you're a guest in someone else's country and with that comes a lot of humility. So saddle up partner, because everyone will let you in the door.

Now after saddling up to said woman, ask her how long she's been here, where's she from, blah blah blah - all the standards - then once her lips stop moving, you can stop dreaming about whether Sawyer should end up with Kate or Juliet and ask her where she recommends going on each given night of the week. These are valuable tips. Have her write it down on a napkin for you. This will make it easier for her write down her info later and possibly even the name of the hotel she's staying at, if you play your cards right! Most people club and bar hop, so ask her where to go on this very evening and then ask if she wants to go with you.

Here are some of my quick picks:

Where to Live?
Palermo. Keep in mind there are several subdivisions of Palermo, so if you want to save yourself cab fare and you want to stay where there's hip nightlife and restaurants, go for Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. You can find great apartments in the area for as low as $200 a week!

Where to Eat?
Cabana Las Lilas. One of the most expensive restaurants in town (still not that bad with the American dollar) and the best steaks in the world. Order the Ojo De Bife and a bottle of Malbec - the Argentinean's own.

What to See?
The Women. While I would say they are not the most-beautiful women in the world, they have the highest concentration of above average women per square feet. Very rarely did I ever see someone that wasn't attractive - it was weird.

What to Do?
Relax. Sit outside at restaurants and cafes and just enjoy the company of those you're with. Don't rush. The bars won't close. It's great to experience this because we live in a culture that is so schedule-oriented and rushed. Don't forget to kiss girls on the cheek. It's custom!

Where to Go?
1. Unico. It's in the Palermo area and is filled with locals and tourists. Head there for a drink around midnight to 1 am. The clientele was great and it's a good place to start the night and get tips from other tourists (see above) on where to go. Depending on your luck with the ladies, you may not need to go very far!
2. Asia De Cuba. I went on a Wednesday and it's supposedly the place to be for the night. It didn't disappoint.
3. Mint. Mega club.
4. The Shamrock. This place is in all the tour books, so you're sure to meet tourists here - if that's your kick. Younger, and not as nice as Unico though.

What to Say?
Lo Siento. You gotta make some attempt to speak a country's language. It's more endearing to the opposite sex.
Lo Siento - Sorry (and you should say it a lot for all the words you don't know)
Como te llamas? - What is your name?
Me llamo - My name is...
Mucho gusto - Nice to meet you
Donde esta - Where is?
Por favor - Please
Gracias - Thank you
De nada - You're welcome (not that many people will have reason to give you thanks, but you never know)
Yo quiero - I want
Bano - Bathroom
Cuanto cuesta? - How much? (although, this really doesn't matter if you don't know the numbers)
Hablas ingles? - Speak english?
No hablo espanol - I don't speak spanish (you might as well throw in Lo Siento here!)
Comida - food
Cerveza - beer
Bailamos! - We dance!
Callate, quiero el sexo! - Shut up, I want sex! (This line you must do as if you were Enrique Iglesias. Put your finger over her moving lips and dramatically utter it! After you get slapped in the face, load up on a few more Fernet and cokes and call it a night!)

Well, those are the basics. If that fails, you could always head to Iceland for some "easy" action. And don't forget about my post, Best Singles Beaches in the World if you need a beach vacation.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. I believe that the best places to go are CAIX or LA DIOSA. Two very good discos in Punta Carrasco. Last year I wanted to rent an apartment in Palermo since it was a neighborhood locateed near this places. Anyways, I had a great time and I ended up with an Argeninian lover!

  2. I had an Argentinian lover! But she left as soon as the hour was over....

  3. good write up, sure is a lot to offer in this country if you are willing to work for it


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