Sleepless Nights in Latin America

On the 10th day there was an epic battle between my mind, body, and soul. My mind and body were ganging up on my soul in an attempt to get me to stop drinking. My soul won. On the 11th day, my mind and body punished me severely. I woke up in hot sweat yesterday and it had nothing to do with that reoccuring Fabio dream of mine. I was coughing profusely and bleeding out of my nose, but then I thought, 'oh, the coughing will be good - it'll help my abs look better when I go to the beach!'

See! Silver lining in everything!

I'm a little sad today, my partner in crime left to go back to the states, so I'll be going 'balls to the wall' by myself. But I have to tell you, you can talk to any tourist and they'll be your friend for the duration. We met some really cool Canadian gals, partied with some American dudes a few nights ago, kicked it with some Swedes and Nordes last night, and tonight I will maybe talk to a Brazilian!!!! I sure hope not - they scare me.

I have to say, my Spanish is excellent now. I prefer to use it even in Brazil, where the language is Portuguese and they understand English better. I just say everything in Spanish - it's fun. I'm like Baxter, a miniature Buddha, covered in hair. Now I'm going to eat a whole wheel of cheese.

I'm going to go home and nap now for 5 hours, wake up by midnight, and party until the morning. I like how one night I came home drunk and attempted to read my Gabriel Garcia Marquez book at 6am. I could barely make out the words before finally putting the book down. I then laughed at how ridiculous I was and continued to laugh myself to sleep. I enjoy my own company. A lot. Lot. Lot. Lot. Lot. Friendship is way overrated.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Brazilian gals like to wear G-Strings to the beach, no matter what size they are. This is not a good thing.

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  1. Did you know that google's ad on your page reads "Hot Brides from Mexico"?

    I find this very interesting.

  2. anonymity is the best aphrodisiac, have fun, latin style!

  3. I like that you signed in as "anonymous" - I am getting majorly turned on.

  4. it's true about the G-Strings... my aunt Flavia is 80 something, very catholic and maybe a solid 200 lbs BUT she rocks the brazilian booty showing bikini

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