A Post About Absolutely Nothing

OK, so it's been a little while since my last post - sorry, sorry. I know many of you turn to me for comedic relief. Reading my poor, pathetic life, somehow makes you feel better - I know. I too like to read my own stuff, laugh, and then wish that it was someone else's life. Alas, it is not. I must live it. That's why I drank a handle of vodka this weekend. I should be dead, but I live.

OK, if you couldn't tell, I have nothing to really write about today. I just know that I have gone 12 days without posting something and this is really hurting my Google Analytics. The "average time on site" by my readers has gone down all the way to 1:26. I'm also down to about 2,500 visitors a month, from a high of over 3,000. I miss those 500 people. If you hadn't noticed, I also put Google "Ads" on my page as a test. I am not allowed to encourage people to click on those ads, but I do get paid if people do :). So far, in like 2 months, I've made like $6. That works out to.... hold on, calculator time.... whoa, it's real dusty.... $36! If I can double that number, I will tell my employer to "shove it" and then invest the money in 72 lottery tickets!

In other news, my screenplay now has had 4 readers whom I trust and value their opinion. Either all of them are idiots, or they really think this screenplay has a shot at getting made. I am getting really excited about its prospects. I hope to finish the 2nd draft over the next few months, send it back to my screenplay professor (a former Hollywood studio script reader), find an agent, and hopefully let the studio bidding begin! Wish me luck. Let me know if you know Tom Cruise or anyone like that.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Thanks for throwing your fans a bone! woot woot

  2. Never leave us again!


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