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There's something about that first step you take onto foreign soil and realize that almost every social mores you grew up with, has a decidedly different spin. That's what I love about visiting a new country. Whereas we've been ingrained with 40 hour work weeks, eye contact, social distance, elbows off the table, political correctness, American dominance - it's the learning of an entirely new civilization that truly humbles and engages me.

Hello Everyone. This is a sad post. I am looking for friends. Preferably ones that live in the Cupertino/South Bay area of Northern California and love to travel. You see, most of my friends live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and a few live in Columbus, Portland, one in Orlando, but very few live in the suburbs of San Jose. The greater problem is that I need friends to travel with. In college, this was not such a difficult proposition, as many of my friends would happily spend their parent's money, skip school, and embark on the next destination of debauchery. The first few years, post-college, were not that difficult either, since most people had yet to find that significant other that would ROB them of their time with me!!!! Now there are many extenuating circumstances, I understand:
  1. The economy
  2. Mortgage payments for a depreciating property
  3. The ball and chain
  4. Student loan payments
  5. Job stability
  6. Bills
I have been steadily recruiting friends for a trip to South America since August, to no avail. As many of you know, I am an avid lover of travel to foreign destinations and to beaches. I wrote a post in the past for the best beach destinations for single people that was generally well-regarded. (At least 10 people read that post!) I've told everyone and anyone that I am always down to go on a trip - as long as you give me at least 3 weeks notice. I wish other people could just say 'Yes' a little more as well.

I have two trips I need friends for. I still want to go to Brazil/Argentina in the last week of January, first week of February and I'm at the point where I think I may just go by myself. Life is too short. The other trip is one to the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix on January 5th. I have 2 tickets. Please email me at SVBachelor@gmail.com if you'd like to be my travel/party buddy.

You must like, but in no way need to be good at any of these:
  1. Drinking
  2. Partying
  3. Dancing
  4. Beaches
  5. Venturing away from tourist hot spots
  6. Meeting the locals
  7. Trying local cuisine
  8. and most importantly, Laughter

We could have SOOO much fun together as future traveling buddies! Just paste your face into the pics below and see what a great time we could have!

Here's a pic of my current friends. They're at least 2 years away from drinking age.

We can hang out in Cleveland and be close enough to smell Lebron's baby mama's hair.

Endless hours of karaoke, listening to me sing Enrique's 'Hero.'

Hunting for food in turquoise water.

Two words: Carne Asada Fries

No need for Laker's floor seat when the Clippers are the hottest show in Los Angeles.

Midnight breaks at the clubs to conserve energy for late night food.

Football against women - sometimes we win.

Water taxis to scout locations to do nothing.

Zip line tours through the rain forests of Costa Rica.... while stradling men.

Quality control for ice sculptures.

Casino openings in foreign countries.

Many hours of creative play time.

Buckets of beer in Playa Del Carmen.

Road trips to nowhere (also known as Nebraska).

Late night runs to White Castle, but friend candidate must be Indian for this option.

Watching the Niners lose another one.... But HEY, is that Peyton Manning?!?

And finally, checking out hot ass of visiting teams in Orlando.

OK. So who's coming with me??!?!
Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. you can count me in for "checking out hot ass from visiting teams" though i think that activity is much more rewarding when done while watching football. mmmmmm.... tightends.....mmmmmm
    i know you feel the same way, kevin!

  2. Actually... I'm more of a running back sort of guy. Sorry Margs! Looks like we can never be friends.

  3. I'm all in favour for traveling solo. You get to meet all sorts of weird, quality people when you go solo as opposed to not. If I can do it you can too!

  4. Hey Kevin!! You know you are always welcome to Brazil my friend!
    By the moment I'm in Europe doing almost everything you posted in your blog!!!

    Happy new year!!



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