My 100th Post! - I Love You, My Pervert Readers

Hello Everyone,

I'm writing to tell you that I've been super busy lately, you know... going to "high society" Yves Saint Laurent events in the city, getting my company in The New York Times, and generating a over 5 million views for a client on Youtube - pretty standard stuff. Anyway, I miss writing to you all and reading the funny comments you leave me. And no, you cannot date my mother Margaret. Mostly, I miss rereading my funny writing over and over. Other people's writing is just plain boring!

Oh, btw, this is my 100th Blog Post. I feel like I should not waste this posting on a silly 2:30am-at-work-delirium-rant.

I'll make it up to you, my lovely 3,500 readers a month, who mostly are reading my 'easy women' post. Perverts..... I love it!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. you keep track of your number of posts? well in that case - congratulations! love from, a perverted reader.

  2. I think those mannequins where trying to bust a move on me. she said..."give me the greeeeeen light, I'm ready to go right now!"

  3. Perverted writer always attracts perverted readers. Congratulates on your 100th Blog. I am looking forward to more preverted ideas.


  4. I keep track of everything. Like how many days in a row I've worn my current pair of underwear. Today, I've hit the 20 day mark!

  5. Your mom is named MARGARET! now this gets a little creepy. Unless you meant to use a comma to punctuate your sentence. But after 100 posts, I assume the commalessness was intentional.

  6. p.s. I just went through the Nob Hill Gazette's party pictures for the YSL event and I didn't see you in any of them..... hmmmmm.... Your socialite excuse wears a little thin.

  7. What are you?!?! A stalker?!?! So what if I was only picking up empty glasses from the guests, I was still there! If it's me you're after, and not my mom Margaret, I'd be happy to oblige. (Commaless on purpose).

    You can pay $9.95 a month for my webcam show. And $10 for a live show. I like to dance to TLC's Red Light Special.


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