Best Vegas Picture Ever

So, technically I'm writing this post to showcase my buddy's amazing and inspiring rap video called "Yes We Can," that splices together his well-written lyrics and flow with the speeches of Senator Barack Obama, but I thought I would deviate from the plan just a little. Let it be known that the image you're about to see is not pretty. It was taken in Vegas by me at some point in the early morning hours after stumbling off the couch in search of a bathroom. In my drunken state of delirium, I thought to myself, "oh, one of my friends got lucky. Let me see who it is....." Little did I know, it would be two of my more macho friends.

This is my favorite picture of all time. I couldn't stop giggling - yes giggling - as I kept quiet so that I could snap numerous pictures, which kept me giggling even as I was sitting on the throne, drunk and still foggy from the night before.

The next day, they swear nothing happened. Sure - we believe you. To their credit, they both have VERY attractive girlfriends. I also hear they're voting No on Proposition 8. A possible breakup coming in the future????

Anyway, here's my buddy's sick-*ss video. It's quite macho, but we all know that he has a "soft" side. Aghh hahahahaa.....

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. There goes all my street cred... thanks Kev

  2. Hey, no worries. I'm a big fan of spooning as well, only I'm the spooner, not the spoonee.

    At least I didn't mention your name Chris.

  3. Very Creative! I love the quick edits! I give it 5 Spoons!

  4. Quick edits?!?! What are you? A former one-man band television reporter? I almost didn't know what you were talking about!

  5. i think this picture pretty much explains their relationship. every time they go to vegas they get a little bit closer.


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