The Anti Anti-Thanksgiving

I think it is very dangerous to be too anti. My cousin said something to me today that made me extremely sad. He didn't really want to come to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house, and neither did another cousin. They just didn't have that much fun and they didn't want to be around certain people. I can see their point, but I also completely LOVE Thanksgiving. Let me try and talk some sin to those who are opposed to these family gatherings.....

I'll admit - my normal life is draped in sin. Thanksgiving serves as one of the most pure times of my life. At no point do I yearn for an alcoholic beverage, lust after the opposite sex, or have any desire to reek mayhem. I spent many years away from my family and didn't have the option of coming home for the Holidays. It's true when they say: sometimes you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

I'm sooo thankful for my family and friends, and the opportunities that have been afforded to me by their love and support. Please - enjoy everything that life has to offer. Some things might not be your bread and butter, but I promise you, you'll enjoy life the more you embrace situations outside of your comfort zone. So ladies, when I'm trying to shove my tongue down your throat..... just go with it..... Physically, you may want to vomit, and you may wake up with a few lip sores, but gosh darnit, saying "Yes" will feel exhilarating!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley

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  1. Ever since I started embracing my ability to say "Yes!" my life certainly has been a lot more fulfilling! You don't know how many books I've been able to catch up on while sitting in the waiting room at the VD clinic. Plus, I love the thrill of stepping onto the scale and seeing just how high it gets every week since I no longer watch what I eat. We live in good times!

  2. Living the dream.... MAAA.... MEATLOAFFFF NOWWWWWW!!!!


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