President Bush Endorses Barack Obama?

OK. So it didn't really happen, but if George W. Bush really wanted to help the Republican Party he should join the bandwagon and endorse Senator Barack Obama. Can you think of any other way to slow down the pendulum towards a landslide victory for Obama over McCain?

This would lend credence to Senator McCain's stance that Obama was a celebrity like Paris Hilton. Not to mention, if President Bush endorsed Barack Obama, everyone would stop in their tracks and be like, "WTF?!?!" He could issue a statement saying that 'Senator Obama is the man to lead this nation and carry out my fiscal and foreign policies for the next 4 years. That is why I have decided to endorse Senator Obama.'

Everyone who thought it was hip to support Obama, would look at their Obama shirt with a new distaste. Here you have, arguably, the most hated President in U.S. history, with the lowest approval rating in U.S. history, throwing his weight against a freight train of support. All of a sudden, people who are anti-Bush-everything would now have to think long and hard about endorsing someone that President Bush is endorsing.

If I were Senator McCain, who is obviously not asking President Bush to join him on the campaign trail, I would call President Bush every single day and ask him to support Senator Barack Obama just for show. If that didn't work, I would start calling him names that would undermine his manhood. Trust me, us Texans are like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future - no one calls us 'chicken.'

The only other thing you can hope for is a tremendous gaffe like the one Clayton Williams, Jr. made against Ann Richards a few weeks before the 1990 Texas Gubernatorial vote, in a race, that at one point he was leading in opinion polls by 20 points. In a joke to reporters, he likened bad weather to rape, saying 'If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.' Surprisingly, he still won 47% of the vote to Ann Richards' 49%.

The chances of Obama making a similar mistake are not likely, so if McCain wants to make this a race, he's got one option left. It's time to have a few drinks and drunk dial the President for help.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Consider Andrew Jackson and a few others on the most hated list.

    What do they teach in high school history these days ?

  2. Who the heck is Andrew Jackson?!?! Was he a president? Or was he part of the Jackson 5?


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