Life at 30: The Mental Roadblock Ahead

Life at 30 has been more of a mental challenge than a physical one. The day after turning 30, I went to go play basketball and a new thought popped into my head - "I could get hurt out here." No. I'm serious. I stretched a little longer thinking about how I'm not a kid anymore.

During the game, I cursed under my breath when seeing these irresponsible kids throwing their bodies around with reckless abandon. I managed to huff and puff my way through the game, and avoided pulling a hamstring. I congratulated myself on not getting injured afterwards and also thought that I'm just not ready to start playing golf yet. While shaking hands, I called everyone 'sonny'. As in, "good game sonny, you're really developing into a fine player. I'm sure your father's real proud of you." (OK, not really, but I should've.)

The next day I went running, and then the next, and the next after that. I just can't let myself settle so easily into slow-twitch muscle life. I'm hoping that the mental roadblock will wear off, because 30 is really just a number. I don't feel any different.

My friend Seth got me a 'MMM Burrito' shirt for my birthday that I'm actually wearing today, and I thought, 'am I that guy who's obviously old, but is still wearing board shorts and t-shirts made for the college crowd?!?'

I know this is all a phase, and I know many of you expect light humorous subject matter on this blog - but I'M A PERSON TOO GOSH DARNIT!!!! Best guitar player in the world! Self-taught - no lessons Pop!

I know I say 30 is the new 16, but it sure doesn't feel like it. What happened to my pimples? I loved those. What about putting $.50 cents in the gas tank? That was fun too. What about being able to have a girlfriend, but never really saying much except 'I love you' all the time? Those were the days....

Kevin L.
Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. My next post will be happy, titled: "Senility, Sterility, and Samsonite: Why I shouldn't jump."

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  1. I was hesitating for a while before I write this comment. Although we are not friends, at least you did not kill my parents. As a honest person, I still decide to share my thoughts with you.

    1. Physical Appreance - don't be shy, you know that you look like 24.

    2. Mental Condition - the strategy that I used on my 10 yrs old nephew works perfectly on you. (the number is adjustable depends on how much you drink)

    3. "I love you" - instead saying three words, you reduce to two words or sometimes even replace it with silence. Kids around 14 usually use the things that they learn from the TV. I can't blame you.

    Let's do some math:


    waooooo.......30 really equals 16 to you ^_^


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