Life at 30, and What to Expect in My Next 30 Years

Tim McGraw has this poignant song he sang when he turned 30, called 'My Next 30 Years.' It goes a little something like this, (although may say something different - I don't care though, I'm all Mavericky like that):

I think I'll take a moment, celebrate my age.
The endin' of an era, and the turnin' of a page.
Now it's time to focus in on where I go from here,
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years.

Hey my next thirty years, I'm gonna have some fun.
Try to forget about all the crazy things I've done.
Maybe now I've conquered all my adolescent fears,
And I'll do it better in my next thirty years.

My next thirty years, I'm gonna settle all the scores.
Cry a little less, laugh a little more.
Find a world of happiness without the hate and fear,
Figure out just what I'm doing here,
In my next thirty years.

Oh my next thirty years, I'm gonna watch my weight.
Eat a few more salads, and not stay up so late.
Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers,
Maybe I'll remember my next thirty years.

As great as the lyrics are, I'm going to cut it off there, because I LOVE those last two lines. You've got to listen to the song. It's all about the emphasis and feel of who is singing the song. This fan version of his song is below on YouTube:

I'd like to think my version of my first thirty years encompasses a lot of the same heartfelt emotions and sentiments. Although, if I were singing the song, being as narcissistic as I am, I would have touted all my accomplishments up to that point. Maybe something like this:

In my first thirty years, I only got suspended twice,
I kicked major butt in 3rd grade spelling, and I ate all my rice.
It sure didn't help me gain much weight,
But I still grabbed 4 rebounds in high school, that I have to say, was first-rate.

In my first thirty years, I got in 3 fights.
I finished 1 and 2, and a girl knocked out my lights.
So what she got lucky, I just don't really care.
I'm too busy, worrying about my hair.

No, I'm serious, did any piece move out of place?
I need it, so it takes attention away from my face.
I found a world of happiness, full of sleep and booze,
What was I saying?
Oh well, I'll just go on a cruise.

In my first thirty years, I moved to Idaho and followed on my dream,
Met a lot of single moms, who wanted me to join their team.
Little did they know that I'm a team of me, myself and I.
McDonald's makes my favorite, they call it Apple Pie.

In the end, there's a lot of consolation to pretty much suck,
Left a troubled industry and never bought a house,
I guess that what they call, just pure dumb luck.

Well, that pretty much sums up my life. Pure dumb luck. But guess what? Like Tim McGraw said, I'll do it better in my next thirty years.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Thanks to everyone who made it out to my 30th birthday. I had no idea I had anywhere close to 40 friends.

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  1. Mavericky? Glad to see you following in those Palin footsteps.

    But happy belated bday!

  2. Thanks Emily! One day maybe you too, will accomplish as much as I have in my thirty years.

  3. Good Blog. Stumbled across your blog while googling "Icelandic women"

  4. Happy belated birthday, leuser!

  5. I am about to write a new post on Icelandic women. That post is the most heavily trafficked post on my blog.

    I wish people could find me googling "Sexiest Man Alive" or "One Bad Mofo," but whatever, "Icelandic Women" it is!

    To Anonymous: Thanks winner!

  6. i'm glad your hair finally made it into a country western song.

  7. Thanks Margaret - my hair is bomb. Not that I really care what you say, former best friend of my friend's friends......

  8. I prefer the title "HOTTEST former friend of my friend's friends fried-ended-ends"


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