Iceland Travel and Women: The Dollar is Back!

Well, many of my loyal readers may not know this, but Mom, Dad, Sis - this blog's MOST popular blog post is titled "The World's Easiest Women: Iceland." That single blog post dwarfs my next most trafficked post by a ratio of 10 to 1. The reason? It's simple. Iceland has a cult-like following by guys (and some girls) for being one of the most promiscuous countries around. Not to mention, the women are supposedly hot - three Miss Universes in a country of only 300,000!

Well, as I wrote in my previous post, traveling there will cost you an arm and a leg, and once you get there you gotta trade in your remaining limbs to buy anything...... but hold up just a second. According to recent reports (that's journalism attribution thank-you-very-much), Iceland is headed towards bankruptcy. That's the ENTIRE country mind you. Although I wish no ill will on anybody or any country, Iceland's new play will HAVE to be tourism. And the good news is, the DOLLAR IS BACK!!!

We can finally buy things around the world for normal prices again. Although beers in Europe will still cost you around $8, but who cares when you can buy double that in Iceland! Check out this post from MSNBC about the gains of our dollar in other countries. I know it's a small consolation with what's going on with our economy, but hey, life is full of looking towards the positives. Take for instance when I got hit in the face with a baseball bat. At least I got to feel that unique feeling that normally is only felt by a baseball.

Well, with that said, let's go save Iceland by visiting this beautiful country full of beautiful women.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Let's hope that the law is still in check, because nothing draws a bar fight quicker than difficult life situations. Cheers to the people of Iceland and may your troubles be temporary.

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  1. wow dude, believe me there is nothing more that icelandic girls hate than a shallow american...the trip will cost you the little that's left of your dignity!

  2. LOL!! Welcome to Iceland ;)


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