Sarah Palin the TV News Anchor ... and me

I don't know if you guys know this, but I used to be kind of a big deal. People knew me. I would perform cannonballs with reckless abandon. With no concern for my own well being, I would push little kids out of the way to another flawless ball of cannon. I also used to be on television. That's why when I watched Gov. Sarah Palin speak last night at the Republican National Convention, I knew instantly she used to be a television journalist. To put it mildly - she was riveting. (Much like me when speaking english to non-english speakers).

The difference between her and other politicians is that everyone else speaks to the masses, while Gov. Palin made it seem like she was speaking directly to you. She was having a conversation with each and every one of you, full of witty rhetoric and Democratic jabs. Which as a former News Anchor makes perfect sense, since we're taught to look into that camera and speak as if we were talking straight to our best friend. Since I had no friends, I always pretended I was speaking to Caspar the Friendly Ghost. I think it worked out well for me. I went on to become unemployed and living at home with the folks at 28. The best year of my life.

Gov. Palin on the other hand? Mayor? Governor? Possible VP? Whatever. I guess I should run for office too. Palin as the Hockey Mom can really relate to the public. I can bring my extensive knowledge of living at home as an adult, taking out the trash, and being home by midnight. I think the American public will find it endearing.

Take a look at her Anchor reel and then compare it to mine. I think McCain picked the wrong VP if you ask me......

Vice President Leu has a nice ring to it. Well, not really. But I too can be a Maverick and buck the establishment. I once didn't pick up a call from my mom at midnight when she wanted to know why I wasn't home yet. It felt good. And I even bit my lip during the spatula spanking so she wouldn't see me cry. Take that Palin!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley VP Candidate
(I wish you could run straight for VP, with no President)

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  1. This is the first time that I can't agree with you more. You will be a better anchor.....or.....VP than Sarah Palin. I am pretty sure that your mother will feel proud to have such outstanding son to stay with her.


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  3. Very funny but you got the title wrong, it should have said, ""Sarah Palin the TV News Anchor ... OR me." That, my friend, is why McCain knocked on her door, not yours, I mean your moms!

    Don't worry though, if it works out for her, you can start positioning for 2012.

    See ya in ATL .....


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