My Last Day of School

Remember that scene in School of Rock where Jack Black is a substitute teacher and eagerly waits for the minute hand to hit 3’o’clock? And then sprints out the door, beating all the kids to the parking lot? Oh, I love that scene. I wanted to do that today, but then I realized that I chose to take this Spanish class and PAY for it on top of that. The only thing I really learned was saying, ‘Lo Siento, no tarea hoy’ over and over again. I think I only did my homework once in like 7 weeks.

Today, I really wanted to sleep 1 hour into class. I don’t know what it is, but class is like the best remedy to put me to sleep. I kept thinking how great it would be to just roll off my chair face first and fall asleep on the ground. I mean, why not? I’m not getting a grade in this class. And it’s my freakin money. Next time, I’m just going to sign up for a class so that for once in my life I can just put my head on my desk and snore freely. If only there weren’t 7 people in my class, it wouldn’t be so conspicuous.

With all that said, I fully plan on doing my homework posthumously - NOT!! (I told you I was bringing that word back!) You don’t get a 2.3 in high school for nothing! You got to earn that ish. It takes just the right amount of non-chalant-I-don’t-give-an-F-attitude to pull it off. I tell you, D+ is not a grade they like to give out. (Tommy Boy, if you didn’t know). OK, I’m out. Mucho gusto, mucho gusto. ADIOS!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. waoooo......for you to get that 2.3 in school, you must use your pretty face and innocent smile very often. Good Job K! ^O^

  2. I bend over a lot and go commando.... The smile and face get me nowhere.


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