Enjoying My Dad's Retirement

I instant messaged with my dad today on Gchat. I am so proud of him - I'm borderline emotional. He's so old school, he refuses to do anything 'hip' or new. He won't even go with me to a football, baseball, or basketball game. He's retired now, so maybe he's getting bored.....

We're pretty 'hard' in this family. Displays of affection make us uncomfortable, at least with my dad. All my friends used to be afraid of him when I was growing up, none moreso than me. Breaking a dish meant a forehand across the back of the head. Heck, an indifferent look meant of forehand across the back of the head.

I've never really said this, but I hope it goes without saying. I love you pops! Congratulations on joining the digital revolution!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. This is Niya. I think that your dad is so cool. May be you should have him to start his FB acct ^_~

  2. That's it! You home wrecker... I'm going to do a lot more than chat with your dad! If you know what I mean.....


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