My Normal Saturday - As Described by My Sister

As I sit next to my sister, my future brother-in-law, and my dad watching Game 5 of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals during Father's Day, my sister decides she would like to write my next blog post. I agree. Here is her rendition of my life below:

Midnight: Finally get into the club after waiting outside and pre-partying
in the parking lot. Scour the crowd for interested women -- fail.

Frantically try to get the attention of the bartender before last call. Scour
the crowd for drunk women with low standards -- fail.

2:00: Search for
greasy food -- success!

3:00: Go home fall into bed with shoes on.

6:00: wake up, kick shoes off, pee, go back to sleep.

Calls start coming in, they are ignored.

1:00: Look at phone, decide to
sleep more.

2:00 pm: get hungry, choose sleep.

3:00 pm: The
sloth arises.

Gym, phone calls, food -- repeat.

Thanks Sis, for summing up my life so well. I will plug your version of my life into every Saturday blog post from here on out, only the name of the bar will be changed.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed this, alda should write your blog every week! 2 thumbs up.

  2. Yes, I am quite entertained as well. Maybe she will be a consistent contributor like Dr. Phil was with Oprah. And then she'll eventually get her own blog, and I will be saddened, but know this is the logical growth pattern.

    I'll wish her well, and then we'll be competitors! Visciously attacking each other on our blogs. Like Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac, it will fuel traffic to both our sites. I would like to be Tupac please.


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