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Tomorrow I start my Spanish 2 class! I decided to jump to Spanish 2 since I took Spanish 1 twice in high school. Who cares if it was 13 years ago! I got a B- the second time, if I remember correctly. One of my top marks in high school!

My marks were always exemplary in classes the second time around. I just figured I wanted to get a better grasp of the knowledge before moving on and maybe help out some underclassmen along the way. Teachers loved me so much, they would always interrupt me during my teachings and ask me to sit in the front of class! I humored them by obliging. I was also always volunteered to read from the book or answer questions - thanks Seniora Dominguez-Yon. I will write the rest of this post in Spanish to honor you and my thirst for knowledge during my mid-life crisis! (Only 3 months left of my 20s - I gotta do some real stupid stuff before then. Because doing stupid stuff in your 30s just sounds pathetic.)

Hola! Me llamo Kevin. Yo Estoy Aqui. Enrique Iglesias es muy bien! Bailamos es mi favorito! Que hora es? De Donde Vive? Como te llamas? Si, si! Yo como todos los dias! Fin.

Whew... I'm tired now. My brain hurts. I think I'm going to skip my first class.....

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Since I'm a student again, I might as well embrace it. Keg stands and beer bongs here I come! Am I allowed to rush a fraternity in Adult Education?

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  1. Kevin, its Aleixs! I was in that spanish class with you. Good times! Good luck with your high education. Bien Suerte en tu estudios!

  2. What the heck does that mean?!?! I'm sure it's something nice. Thanks Alexis O! I miss hanging with you in that class and trying to cheat off Sasha.

  3. if you rush sigma nu again...I get to haze you again!


  4. Necesitas ir a la clase de espanol 1.



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