How I Transfer My Narcissism

Everyone once in awhile I trade in 'excessive love for self' (I had to look it up in the dictionary. I'm a narcissist, not a genius!) and transfer it over to my company. I like to browse Facebook for 7.5 hours of each work day, but during weeks where MerchantCircle makes a press announcement, I tone it down to 5 hours and then work 10 hours on top of that. That's how much sacrifice I make for MerchantCircle. Here are some of our previous press releases - exquisitely written I must say, and the subsequent 'love from the club!' I'm hoping for some of the same later today.

Kevin Garnett summed it up best after he was asked what it was like to win the Championship Trophy with the Celtics, and he said, (but let me put it in my own words): Think back to when you were in grade school. Imagine a bully picked on you every single day. Made fun of you. Embarassed you. Shoved you. Pushed your books off your desk. Ate your lunch. Just going to school and seeing the bully put knots in your stomach. Then imagine one day after relentless torment, you stand up to the bully and with a swift blow, you knock him on his butt. That's what winning this championship feels like. That feeling you get when he's on his butt and you're standing over him. That sense of relief and joy and pride. You've won.

That's how I feel when securing that great piece of press for MerchantCircle. I don't want my name up in lights, I want MerchantCircle's name up there. All my coworkers, my teammates - it's about rewarding them for their hard work.

I love them. Going to work and hanging out with them is a joy. This is how I go to bat for them. The other 48 or so non-press weeks, I go back to loving myself.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. yeah I know that feeling of getting pushed around... now I am just waiting to kick your ass!

  2. How sad. Please wait until I'm wearing jeans that I don't like. I want to keep shoe prints off of them. Thank you.


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