Country Music is a Hidden Wonderland

I just got done with my first weekend of living in San Francisco and I am flat-out exhausted. I will be a poor, sleepless man, if everyone weekend is this expensive and fun. I probably spent close to $400 this weekend. That economic stimulus check sure didn't last very long, but I hope I did my part in stimulating the economy, starting with every beer garden at Union Street Fair.

Next weekend will probably not be any better, as Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn and Leann Rimes roll into town at AT&T park. The cheap seats at that concert are $77 and don't even get me started on how much beers are at concerts. Factoring in an all-day concert, and I may have to take out a loan before the weekend starts. (I am sitting in my mom's kitchen right now, because this is what I do after expensive weekends - steal food from my family. I'm like the opposite of Robin Hood. Too bad she's not here to tell me funny stories.)

I love country music, and for every guy out there who doesn't know - country concerts are the single-best venue, next to Vegas, with THE hottest girls. So next time, stop yourself short when you say, 'I like all music EXCEPT country.' This isn't your father's country anymore. It's a lot more hip and sexy. Give it a whirl, you might like it.... or at the very least score some bonus points.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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