The World's Easiest Women: Iceland

Ok, ok, so I haven't been there, nor do I condone such blasphemous behavior as female exploitation - but I feel it is my duty as the 'Silicon Valley Bachelor' to inform you of places to 'attract the interest' of the opposite sex. Since there are no good places in Silicon Valley, let's look at a hidden gem (so I'm told): Iceland!!! Before you have a hearty chuckle, let me tell you of the ramblings of one of my coworkers.

Skeptically, I listened to him as he told me of untold riches in the form of Nordic, blonde hair, blue-eyed, curvaceous girls in a region that is ill-named. I have written about hotspots to go around the world, but this place apparently tops them all. According to him, the girls approach you and if you don't happen to be blonde and blue-eyed, you'll stick out - which is a good thing. You see, Iceland is one of the most geneticially pure countries in the world. I mean, heck, how many Icelandic immigrants have you met? Ever heard of anyone moving there?

A country of 300,000, I decided to do some research of my own and sure enough, I found stories that supported the outrageous claims of my coworker. Apparently, Iceland is a Matriarchal society, where women rule the family. They are independent and unafraid of making the first move. They view sex, as no big deal. Of course, as a former journalist, I must examine both sides and I am certain that this does not represent the entire country. Take this interview on Oprah for example, where a woman has a cow that her country's women are perceived as hoochie mamas. (She didn't say hoochie mamas, but I like those words - so lets go with it.) You will also find what you are looking for in that interview about social norms for women and men.

Here's another blog post that's excellent from a guy, who lays out why the country is the way it is. Did you know that Iceland has had three Miss Universes!?!? For a country of 300,000, that's pretty darn impressive. (Thanks Carlo for that scintillating stat!)

Read this guy's 'day in the life' travel story in Iceland. This proved that my coworker wasn't really as outrageous as I thought. But be prepared: if you want to head to Iceland, the drinks are in the $15-$20 range, and as of today, a ticket to Iceland from SFO is nearly $2,000! That's like 4,000 Jack in a Box Tacos!

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. This is a good site to see what girls are like and look like, not only in Iceland, but all around the world: Or, Iceland directly here:

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  1. For your sake I hope the Euro to the JIB taco exchange rate is favorable in Iceland.

  2. 1) Iceland is expensive as hell but the food is awesome.
    2) The Icelandic women are no where close to what you have in your pics. The lower left pic is from the Blue Lagoon (famous spa there). There was one hot girl there and the rest were 60+ and prancing around naked in the locker room. Ewwww.
    3) Their women are attracted to other Icelandic guys. They don't really like outsiders.
    4) On average, their women are on par with what you would picture a sturdy Russian chic. . . The cute ones come from Finland/Sweden where they can come and go freely.

    It's still fun to go in the summertime though. But make sure to take your snow gear.


  3. Hi, just bumped into your blog =) I'm from Iceland;) And to comment on Dragoness comment, we love outsiders =) And also I don't have blue eyes or blond hair;)

  4. Hi Lilja, you sound yummy. Although according to Dragoness, you could be a yummy 60 year old.

  5. I lived in Iceland for two years, in Keflavik and Reykjavik... at the time I was young, immoral and out for a good time. Iceland was definately the place to be.

    The most beautiful women in the world, and I've been nearly everywhere... they love outsiders, but more than that, they love to love. There are some good times to be had on that island.

    One of my favorites, by far.

  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know, the woman that wrote the Oprah-interview-scandal-blog is just bitter I think. I'm from Iceland, have lived here all my life. I'm blond, curly haired and green eyed (well we can't all have blue eyes). Ofcourse there is diversity of appearence in Iceland, just as anywhere else. Me and my friends, we're about 50/50 blonds vs. brunettes, all natural not fake like she wrote. I started having sex at 15 and so did most or all of my friends (and we're a big group)and that was just normal. I'm 19 now and I don't need to be drunk to hit on a guy, and though I don't like to sleep with many guys, I have sex often. We might love sex but not all of it are one-night-stands, we like to have long term boyfriends too. I just found myself driven to write, since I just got kinda frustrated reading that womans blog. She made it sound like attractive, independent, blondes in Iceland are just a myth. I think she might be one of the 60+ women from the blue lagoon. Plus, those women at Oprah are highly respected members of the society, journalists and newsreporters so I don't think she's in any position to call them "useless bimbo's".

    I'm sooo sorry for the long comment, just got frustrated and couldn't comment on her page. Really liked your blog! So this is my contribution;) Sry for my spelling too if it's off.

    Ps. I love foreign guys, specially american dark haired guys (and I'm not just saying that)- Guys like Jared Followill damn..

    See you in Iceland!

  7. I'm a Dutch man currently studying in Iceland. My friend who is coming over soon saw this article and asked me if it was true.
    sorry to break it too..... but it's not!

    Most Icelanders aren't blonde. In fact many Icelanders have a dark outlook similar too the french or even spaniards. The only thing that's gonna make you stick out is that you're probably shorter than the locals ( I'm 6'1 and around average here).

    Sure a girl might approach you but most likely she is looking for a boyfriend. And some of them are simply teasing you. Many European women would start a conversation with a man so it's not that big of a deal.

    Many women here are beautiful but not more than in the Netherlands or Sweden for example. At least that's my opinion.

    Iceland is still a wonderful country but damn it's cold right now.

    cheers Johan

  8. I just want to say Iceland has some of the most beautiful women in the world.My mother was from Iceland and i have been there many times.They do go for foreign guys especially if they have dark hair and eyes.I am blue eyed /light haired Icelandic/Irish looking guy myself but i always seem to meet some great girls myself.That is because i dont have an arrogant attitude as many Americans seem to have...especially when visiting someone else's land!The guys over there can get a little jealous and want to talk politics[go figure].But the women...agressive...can drink like champs...and like all other to have sex!And everyone parties downtown on the weekends. Everyone from the age of 16 to 40.They all speak English and three or four other languages.They are all brilliant!So dont think your gonna harp on some dumb blonds because that is certainly not the case.In fact, i have seen an American soldier try and be a smart ass towards a girl and she punched him in the face.Those girls rock.

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  10. WOW WOW WOW, Hold on.

    I am a 14 year old ICELANDER.
    I witness it EVERY SINGLE YEAR some tourists come here thinking i would seriously fuck them(IM 14 FOR GODNESS SAKE) And i watch it around the town, these guys flirting with the girls, SERIOUSLY thinking they will get something out of it.
    I just wanna make something clear. ICELANDIC GIRLS ARE NOT EASY.

    Also we do pretty much prefer icelandic guys, ;) Even tho myself prefer NOT icelandic guys, but most others do

  11. I graduated High School at the NATO base in Iceland and it is true that the Icelandic women, say from 18-30. look very good and are rather promiscuous. They are not all blondes and some of the prettiest Icelandic girls I knew had sandy to brown hair. It was not uncommon for NY modeling agencies to send scouts up to review seniors graduating from High School. Three of my icelandic friends received modeling contracts while I was there. BUT ... I'm not sure if it's the weather, diet, or marriage; but Icelandic women do not age gracefully. Most Icelandic women in their 40s-50s were rather pudgy and just looked like they quit taking care of themselves. I never met a Icelandic girl between 18-25 who was heavy. I did not meet one Icelandic woman over 40 who was thin.

  12. 92% of icelandic people have blue or green eyes. Most of them have brown hair.

  13. I just came from Iceland two months ago. I've traveled to 24 countries and I have to say, the most beautiful and coolest women that I have found are in Iceland.

    Not just the women, but I felt very welcome by everyone in their country and very much appreciated the kindness and politeness I was shown.

    I actually went to Iceland alone (end of a business trip in Europe) and met a ton of new friends (both hella cool guys and girls), partying till 6am, drinking vodka in my hotel balcony. I won't comment on whether they are "easy" or not because thats irrelevant, there are easy women everywhere in the world.

    Maybe I am biased because I am dark haired/eyed American (with a latino background) and interesting enough many Icelandic women spoke Spanish as well.

    But I think I found paradise. Seriously, they built an amazing country. Good god, you cant even imagine, good times.

    Ill be back there hiking and driving around the country soon enough and bringing a few more dark haired american guys.

  14. Bring me with you!

    Iceland Air now has service from Seattle! .... close enough.

  15. I have been traveling to Iceland and pretty much every other European country on a frequent basis for years. Icelandic women stand out - no doubt, but there are plenty of attractive women in the other Scandinavian countries as well.

    The problem in Iceland is that it is overrun with guys thinking the same as most of you reading this. I have been to bars and clubs more often than I can count where there have been more American (and European) guys than local women all with desperate searching looks in their sad eyes.

    Much more success and value for money to go to some of the larger (relatively speaking) countries like Sweden, Denmark or Norway.

    If you wanna have a REAL good time with some unbelievable women go to Hungary, Ukraine or Czech Republic (Ukraine in particular). Iceland will seem like a monastery in comparison...

  16. Hey I really enjoyed reading your blog, however I have some perspectives on this my self as I am Icelandic. I liked how you have said women rule the households (or something in that direction) but women n girls are not easy. Icelandic girls like to have fun for sure, but they are their own boss so they don’t really care or judge each other for doing crazy fun n wild stuff if you know what I mean lol, but they defiantly don’t just do what ever you ask of them and they don’t just go home with who ever. But yes I think it is true about Icelandic girls n women liking boys or men from other countries. I mean who doesn’t like the unknown and the different accents. That’s why boys like to come to Iceland as well right? However you are wrong about everybody in Iceland having blue eyes and the blond hair (even thought I do haha) it really is just mixed like any other country, but yes you are right (and the guy that commented on this blog is defiantly an idiot) because yes there are lot of beautiful women in Iceland, I mean it speaks for it self as you said in your blog about the Miss University and all. But yeh you should go to Iceland and just experience it for your self because it is different and a beautiful place to go to, and to tell you the truth im pretty sure you will get some girls over there haha.
    Anyways thanks for writing this entertaining blog haha I had a blast lol. Good luck

  17. I've been thinking of taking a vacation to Iceland for some time now. I would like to go somewhere where the people are friendly and reading through all the blogs, Iceland seems like a fun place. But what "stereotypes" will I encounter being an American man? The reason I ask is I recently went to Spain and I had a really hard time even striking up a conversation with anybody at all. Perhaps they thought I had an "arrogant attitude" as one blog put it, and dismissed me before I could even say hello.?? Hell I'm just a small town 30 year old rancher that spends all of his time working the land. I'm always covered in crap and dirt or on a horse that loves to get with it and throw a buck at me once in a while. I don't know what I have to be arrogant about. But I love to travel, socialize, and have fun.

  18. Was stationed in iceland from 1991 to 1994; they hated service men; but, Got luck almost every weekend! Just go out to the clubs and look like take-out; the girls we eat you up. My first night in iceland (a thursday)I hooked up, my second night 3 nice blonds liked my brown eyes and I hooked up with them (friday-saturday morgning and after noon) hooked up with a red head saturday; went back to the base and slept was tired went to the chow hall and ended up going out with a chick that worked in there and hooked up that night. I was sold! The chicks are hot! Just be respectful and polite and good things just happen like the northen lights

  19. Ok this is just bullshit I'm fifteen year old girl and I'm still a virgin and my friends are to the girls here make there own choices we aren't easy and we love foreigners and there are may living here in Iceland now I ran in to this page when I googled Iceland.
    The women over 60 here have all had a live and they are happy with it and are moving on I can't say that about some of those women in other countries.
    People like Dragoness is probably jealous because we have the most beutiful women in the world
    -Iclendic girl

  20. Many years ago I lived in Iceland for about 1 year. I was a young women. I was expecting to find tall blonde men, but no, many of them have brown hair, and rather average looking. They werent tall either. They were very nice, when they were drunk, but not so nice the next day, especially the women, I found they were rather nasty. I also had married men hitting on me all the time, it didnt appear to be too big a deal to them to have extra martial affairs, at least all the ones I worked with were doing it. The women I knew told me they liked the dark men, one women said you know the ones from India. I have traveled extensive and found the most beautiful (I cannot comment on easiest) women were in the Netherlands, tall, mostly blonde, leggy and thin.

  21. I live in Iceland for a year (US Air Force) and had a great time. The cool, reserved, Icelanders opened up a lot when I spoke Icelandic at first(it's an ancient language, practically unchanged since around 900AD). I got invited tyo people's homes for dinner. It's like an entire country that is a relaxed as a small town. Just interesting, unique and different, a shining example of what the whole earth could be if we quit acting like strangers towards one another. In Iceland, you can't escape anywhere, so most people mind their manners! Yes, I had a girlfriend there, for a little while, just one.

  22. Dear Author !
    It will be last drop.

  23. What will be the last drop? Is there some kind of Iceland STD that I should be aware of?

  24. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  25. I'm from the England and went on a holiday to Iceland back in 2008. Without a doubt it has the most attractive ladies I have seen anywhere! Unbelievable :]

  26. well im living here now,after traveling and working in over 80 countrys after origanly being from england, and i cant say that iceland women are the best looking in the world, ok they are better than the avarage english girl( which is not hard) but they are not exactaly skinny,its not like being in russia were you walk around with your eyes popping out but they are still prity atractive, and i think maybe they are alittle easyer than most girls in europe ,especialy if you buy them a drink,which is unsuual for icelandic girls as its real expensive,
    if you find a girl late at night in a bar in the city and she is alone then basical she is just waiting for somone to pick her up,and it does not take much talking up eather

    but in the countryside all the attractive girls have moved to the city so there are only fat girls left ( but still prity easy)

  27. Go home...stay home...Sweden is the place you should go...or Russia...or where ever...just not Iceland, Ireland, or Scotland.

  28. Seriously three words! GO TO ICELAND!!!!

  29. I'm going on Tuesday to Rek! Can't wait I'm hoping to meet some Icelandic women there as I'm free and single, but if not ah well, i know it will be well worth the exxperiance!

    Thanks for this, i have learned some. :)

  30. I think women in Nordic countries are some of the most sexually liberated women in the world; I don't think they would think of themselves as "easy."

    "Easy" implies women who are easily led into sexual encounters with big, bad men who like to trick poor, unsuspecting girls into bed.

    I get the sense that Icelandic women are not LED into anything, much less a bed. They do however live in a country, that unlike most of the world, allows women to be full, independent human beings who are unashamed of expressing and initiating their own natural sexual desires.

    If more of the world's men could let go of the macho insecurity that leads to labels like "easy" and all the other double standards that shame women for expressing their sexual liberation, we would all indeed live in a beautiful sexual Paradise.

  31. I am a young research scholar from India went to Iceland. Really the city paying me enough staisfaction. I went for my research but it turned different. I stop my research on ice and studied lots of girls, as it is completely different than our society in India. Goa can only comparable with Iceland. Ok but the thing is that I love girls, they are very easy, some girls want to rape me in my hotel. I am not used to do this. I am 24 still virgin, I am Hindu and Hindu people never sex before marriage. So still I was a virgin guy, but what about Iceland girls??? really sex addicted. Not so much civilized.

  32. God, I wish the "dark men" would just stay the hell away from these Viking Goddesses.
    I know there are MANY others who share my sentiment.
    Annoying tourists with hard-ons.
    What if I come over to your house with my pants down?
    This is ok right?

  33. Umm were not all blondes with blue eyes i have sandy hair and green eyes. Gosh try to have the right facts first ;). And by the way you can also party in other towns then Reykjavík the atmosphere is the same everywhere.
    Sincerely an Icelandic girl (who, yes, likes to party and have sex)

    1. Dude, calm down with this racist crap. FYI, the Viking men as well as the crusaders brought women back with them everywhere they went that is pretty much everywhere. Also, if you claim that Icelandic women are smart and equal then give them enough credit to take care of themselves and stop acting like an over zealous racist ass.

  34. Some of you people make me want to puke!
    I am a 19 year old girl from Iceland.

    For the first I would like to tell you people, that are saying that Icelandic girls are easy, something. YOU try to go downtown and have fun, go dancing, with your friends without some sleazy foreign men drooling all over you and trying to grope you all over! Foreign men are the rudest! That might be the reason you think that we only like local men - they are actually polite and treat us like humans!

    I like to chat to nice foreign men, tell them about my country and be nice - but so many men think that by chatting with them, I am inviting them in my bed. That is where this BIG misunderstanding lies. We Icelanders are open and like when people are curious about our country and we like to tell about it. But foreign men are the easy ones! Thinking we are all so blond and stupid so we are not acutally trying to have intellectual conversation, we are all just trying to have sex with you. Just a few weeks ago I came home with a big, red mark on me, after some dirty Russian slapped me on the ass and my boyfriend had to kick him out of the club, because he didn't take a no from me! Even after me and my girlfriends had been screaming at him for 5 minutes: "Leave me alone, go away!" he didn't leave.

    So please, take your heads out of your asses and realize we are just a small nation, very welcoming and polite that like to talk to other people. We are not all whores for talking to you.

  35. Cock, it seems i'm the only virgin asshole here. Anyway, as you guys say, if it's enough to be nice and polite to attract Icelandic women then it sounds like the place for me! Here it definately doesn't take that for women to even notice you, you have to be like an arrogant, flamboyant piece of shit latino for them to be interested. What happens if you are a little shy, and just take it easy and treat them as human beings?? They don't care. Fuck, what am i supposed to do?? Act as something am not? Hell no. So, i hope i can someday go to Iceland, i'd love to learn more about their awesome Nordic culture, and just for once talk to women without having to try to impress them, for fuck's sake. And, by the way, i'm a sandy haired-brown eyed 18 year old white chilean (i say "white 'cause very few here are actually white, mind you).

  36. Hey, I'm a icelandic girl, and would like to say, that I neather have blue eyes or blonde hair, and icelandic girls DO like oudsiders, more then icelandic men, like in the
    world war 2 the american army came to Icelands, and no doubt every single girl from 15-25 fell (also my grandma) for them, because different from icelandic men they where actualy nice gentle mens not shabby fish seamen. Back to that time girls who started dating americans where called on icelandic "kanamellur" ore in a rough translation, americawhores

  37. Icelandic women are not easy and we are not "led into bed" like someone stated here before. We live in a culture where sex is not a taboo and women can have sex with out a tramp-stamp on their forheads.
    I only go for the local boys and every time a tourist looks at me I get the creeps... they look like Im something at a show.. thats rude and perverted.
    Did you know that Icelanders have the highest ratio of green eyes in the world. 89% of Icelandic women have either green or blue eyes.

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  39. I spent a week or so in Reykjavik not too long ago, and here's my impression. Icelandic women are not easy; nor are they overwhelmingly blonde. They are generally quite attractive, although that's true in many countries. (A little known fact is that Icelanders are all genetically almost exactly half Viking and half Irish-Celtic, which accounts for the variations in hair color.) What's unusual about them is that they are very open and friendly--especially compared to say, French women (mon dieu). And they can and do *drink*! (But only on weekends. Drinking during the week is frowned upon.) Every weekend, Reykjavik is one drunken bash. Final word: beware of Brinnivin (sp?), the local liquor, which will knock you on your ass--it did me.

  40. Humm ? In the land of so many pure "REAL" blonds I am surprised all these pictures seem to be of bleached blond wantabes?

  41. HAHAHA that blog and comments are funny. I'm btw a female from Iceland.
    I think that we have beautiful women here but so does other countries.
    I really don't think that we are that easy but I think I know why you get that Idea.
    Like some people know we have Lots and lots of swimming pools in Iceland. We go there from only few months old and there is a rule that you don't put on your swimwear until after you have cleaned your self, so we are younger than most people when we learn that we are all different and that gives us higher self esteem.
    High self esteem gives us then the confident to be our own women, we sleep with whom we want like we do everything else.
    so you see we are just brought up in another way.

    p.s. one question: why are men never easy?

  42. I am much more impressed by the comments from the Icelandic women posting here. I am an American who will be working in Iceland soon. I have heard about the nightlife in Iceland, and to be honest was a bit worried that getting started at midnight and drinking until 6 AM. I would love to get to know Icelandic people without becoming a slave to the nightclub scene. The comments here seem to reassure me that it won't be difficult to meet some very nice genuine people there :)

  43. Well im a black American and I married an Icelandic woman I lived there for awhile and they are not that easy. I've meet alot more easy women in America that will fuck cause of my car. I have alot of friends there also, do the women party hell yeah, drink you bet, but easy and spread their legs umm not so much. - pease and bless

  44. I am an Irish girl who went to Iceland last week with my friend. We thought the Icelandic people were wonderful. The girls were really cool and friendly and looked after us like sisters. I live in Brazil and Icelandic chicks were really refreshing compared to the surgically enhanced, dumb Brasilieras.They are beautiful, smart and not vain.

    As for the Icelandic men, they are gorgeous. I was getting chatted up by the hottest guys ever(they like raven hair). They were really sweet and sexy. If I wasn't already attached I would have had the time of my life with a hot Viking. To sum it up, Iceland rocks, the place and the people are the best in the world,

  45. hi :) I'd like to start by stating that I am a young icelandic female living in the capital area.

    Icelandic females are a bit crazy, for sure. And yes alot of us do party. that's because it's fun. and we like fun. Like my native sisters have stated here before me, we are extremely confident with ourselves and we don't need the men to give us some sort of an OK stamp, judging if we're whores or not.

    In western cultures (although icelandic culture is quite western) society has many rules, and rules between the woman + man interaction are quite strict, you may not have intercourse until third date, you may not this and that, you may not bla bla blaaaa.....

    it's boring. Now people, please get off your buttocks, stop trying to stereotype things, if you want to find out how the icelandic women are, then just come and visit. although i can't promise that you wont get slapped in the face if you try to talk to us like many of you have been in this tread's comments.

    Bless bless :)

  46. going to show you a small video of the girls and the party and some famuse ppl that have been there

    and this is how we get it down!

  47. a short video of how we get it down in iceland and some girls shown as well ;P this got some pic of the landscape as well

  48. Margrét JakobsdottirJanuary 18, 2012 at 12:31 PM

    I am an Icelandic woman and yes I do have natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I have been living in the U.S. for a few years now and would like to say we are not all easy. I would say American girls are far more easy. As a country we used to not be fond of outsiders, but we have become better. But speaking for myself and many of my friends we do not want American men, but we do like other men from other places. I am getting out of this awful America as soon as I can. Anyways Iceland is too expensive for anyone from America to visit, so please do not. Americans do not deserve Icelanders.

  49. Read how snotty these comments are from the Icelandic women. Freezing cold country, AND bitchy women? No thank you.

  50. Iceland is too expensive for Americans to visit Margert?? What are you talking about? It's no more than any other major US city... Nice bars in NYC will run you the same. You don't want Americans to visit Iceland...yet you live in the US?? You have 320,000 homogenous people in Iceland, we have 311,000,000 from every imaginable race, color, creed, religion, etc.. You'll find plenty of dirtbag Americans but you'll find plenty of great ones too...just like every place in the world. Judging someone by their passport is just plan ignorant.

  51. My name is Ryan. I am 24 years old and I live in the USA in the state of California. I am halfway through college and looking for somewhere to meet beautiful young women who don't act like they have a stick up their ass. My dad told me about Icelandic woman because he has traveled the work as a young man and knows what he is taking about. He is from England originally. I'm 6 foot three, muscular, with dark hair and hazel eyes. I don't have a hate time dating pretty woman in the USA but blonde haired light eyed woman are what attracts me the most and those are in very short supply here.t i'm A romantic and I like to treat woman like a princess which is how they are supposed to be treated. But the woman here think that if they are prettier than average that they have their pick of any man they want and if u treat then nicely they walk all over you like a door mat! Long story short, I am going to Iceland. I'm going to save enough money to go there for a week on vacation. Maybe meet that aryan princess I've always wanted. If anyone on this blog has a suggestion of places to go and see and spend time at in iceland, my email is and it would be great to hear from some locals or even people who have been there. Thanks for taking the time to read my spiel ;)

  52. Iceland obviously ROCKS, after all who can blame you. You are playing catch up for two months of the year, you' ve got nothing else better to do but procreate because it's to bloody dark or raining
    All of the time.
    So much so it makes me want to get off my ass
    'like pronto', purchase an airline ticket & fly over to meet you great people. ;-)

  53. Yea, I be a tourist to Iceland a cuple years ago and it true doz white bitchz loves the big black dick. Niggaz call da shots in Reyk.

    1. Y'all don't call shots anywhere !!! Please !!!! Nigga????? Grow up.

    2. Yeah sure they love the nasty black dick as much as someone love wanting the AIDS.. they probably threw rocks at your nasty ass.

  54. I come from Iceland and I think you should keep in mind that everyone is beautiful! You can't just say; Icelandic women are prettiest women ever, cause they are most blonde with blue eyes. Let's try to get some with them! ;) I mean.. That's not fair. I'm blonde and have blue eyes but I'm not easy. Just saying.. (Not gonna argue with the part that we r pretty thou ;)) - The NOT easy girl from Iceland.

    Actually my hair is changing into brown :D (yay) Anywayssss, I'm NOT easy sweetie! ;) And I don't hate outsiders...? Just don't judge us by the look. We have a great personality! All of my friends are funny, smart and yes!; Good looking. But judge us before you get to know us.
    - I don't judge outsiders. <3

  56. It was so much fun reading this blog and all the comments! BUT, I don't like the fact that you think we are easy...! So we like to party, who doesn't?? The first thing we are taught is that we shouldn't be ashamed of our body's (speaking as a blonde- blue eyed- female Icelander). At least I ain't. And sure we are pretty ! For example: My sister is sooo beautiful, (my role model! no gay though<3) and people tell me that I am pretty myself! But like the other girl from Iceland said (above my comment!) everyone are beautiful. And I give everybody a shot to prove that they are nice ! :) Cause I don't associate mean people... One of the comment just made me think: 'Are only skinny women attractive??' And I already know the answer! The answer is NO. People can be a little chubby but still completely gorgeous!

    And like that didn't piss me off enough I saw the comment saying that we are bitches! ALL of my friends are really nice and understanding and do not judge at all! It's just like that (with me at least) 'You mess with me or my friends... you will not see the sun next day ! :)'
    As you can see I am very protected of my friends. I'm not a bad person and people may think I am after my little speech but I'm not!

    Back to the whole us being easy...
    Keeping it simple: We are not.

    Aaaaaaannnddd I love outsiders. :) Cause like I said earlier I don't judge. <3 Just be nice and don't grab my boobs or my fineeee ass ;D and your okay. ;)

    Sorry for my super long comment but once I get started I can't quit! :D
    Happy to hear about that our little country has so big reputation! :) (Even though it's a little off ;))
    -ÍsabellaD. Teaching you 3 words..: Ég elska alla! :D = I love everybody! <3

  57. I am a boy from England and I am loving the comments from the Icelandic women! They seem strong and proud. And as for me, I like a little meat on the bones.
    P.s. I'm Jake, how are you? ;)

    P.p.s. Bye, have a flight to Iceland in one hour!

    p.p.p.s. Joke.

  58. Let's settle this debate once and for all! What do girls look like across the world? And how do they rate? The site is still being developed, but eventually you can browse the world and see what the hottest girls look like in each city and country across the world.

    Then, each city/country will have a cumulative rating so you can have numbers to back up your arguments that the hottest girls are in Iceland, or Sweden, Brazil, Ukraine, or Colombia.

  59. Iceland???? What??? Try Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.. The women are just stunning, and there are so many of them.

  60. Fellas, ladys, I have been to over 30 countries, including Iceland, and l have that average taste in women, that most guys would concurr with. Now let me tell you, Scandinavia, in general, is not the best place to meet women. Yes, there are those tall blonds (or brunettes..or not so tall),but they are a bit cold. Now, that may not be a bad thing, I'm not here to judge or offend any ethnic group. However, if u're ever in Brasil or Russia, for example, u'll see what I mean. Not to say that Iceland is not beautiful, it is an amazing country!

  61. i live in the caribbean and i travel all over the world. i always wanted to go to Iceland, to see the place, and if i get lucky, i get lucky, but i am not getting there with a hard on and hitting on every girl i see.

    i live here and women here don't like me (i'm not much of a looker)so i don't expect much anywhere else.

  62. I just bumped into this blog and I have to say. You are a fucking idiot. Now immigrants. Purest race? What THE FUCK is wrong with your facts. I'm sorry but I'm sitting in a class room at the moment with 38 dark haired and 7 blondes. 12 of them are not originally from Iceland.

    The easiest women in the world for a complete idiot like you are paid for.
    I am neither blonde nor am I blue eyed. As a matter of fact I'm dark haired. Dark eyed and pretty fucking pissed off at your idiocy.

  63. So where are Finnish women when talking about scandinavia?
    Good looking partying girls there too ;) altough bar's close at 4.00 :DD

  64. Kinda stumbled upon this blog!
    Always wanted to visit Iceland. It would be something to endure and survive the harsh winter there.
    The Icelandic girls look really good, I never felt there is a best looking girl in this world, every race has amazing looking women. Iceland is not an exception.
    I got Russian friends, each of them is different, blonde/brunette/redheads, and still look striking.
    I am French of Indian ancestry, I got golden brown skin, 6'1" tall and a professional sportsman. Do I stand out? Hell yeah. Blondes and brunettes like me coz I look different(maybe alluring) than guys they have dated earlier.
    Brunettes seem to like my skin color and dark hair.
    Latinas/Indians find me easy to identify with, coz of my skin color.
    In the end, it's just not about color always, there is something more to it, a personality. Few guys are like me, I assume.Those girls who like my personality ask me out, those who don't, don't. The sex is consensual, I like girls who speak their mind for a night out.
    BTW, would love to date an Icelandic girl, the crazier, the better.
    Any takers?

  65. Icelandic

    You guys are hilarious. I'm an Icelandic female and I genuinely feel sorry for you. You are so easy and just don't get it. Its speaks volumes that you have to travel to other countries to get laid.
    Iceland has the most gender equality in the word. Let me explain to you what that means. We are as strong or even stronger mentally than men in general.
    1. Most independent women in the world. We don't need your approval for anything.
    2. Very well educated and usually more than 3 languages. Almost certainty better educated than all you commentators combined.
    3. We don't care what you think nor do we need you for anything, we are perfectly capable to take care of our self and our life. Living in a harsh country where the man went raping and pillaging for years on end will do that to you.
    4. If we want to have sex, we have sex. We dont sit around like brainless morons waiting for the knight in shining armour to take care of us.
    5. We find foreigners who stand around like little boys kinda who can't get laid in there own country as sad examples of manhood. Mercyfuck , anyone?

    To make it simple for you: we do what men do.
    What does ot take to drag you into the 20. century ?

  66. Icelandic female
    Want to have more sex? Equality is the way to

  67. There's "easy" women everywhere, particularly if you come from a first-world country and you're visiting a third-wold country. I have no interest in visiting Iceland anymore, as it's probably overrun with tourists looking for an easy score.

    This site is actually pretty cool to get a sense of girls all over the world, and not just Iceland.

    1. I think most easiest women to fuck are Austrians and Italians.Justgo there and see how women walk in streets,they even enter their places of worship in bikini or naked....all bare...may be their culture and religion has a part in this.

    2. Jan Zizka ..I agree with you. Second only to your mom they are pretty easy... but don't like anal as much as your mother tho. She can't get enough in that turd cave.

  68. Not a local vikingOctober 2, 2014 at 5:55 PM

    Sure Icelandic women will fuck you just because they feel like it, but they'll only do it if you can compete successfully with the local vikings. And chances are they're just taller, more athletic and handsome than you are. And the girls are very used to foreign men coming there expecting it to be some sort of free pussy paradise. To give an idea of icelandic men, it's the country with most World's strongest man winners - and it has 300 000 people.

  69. I don't know where it came from that Icelandic are tall and in a great shape - I have been living here for several years, and most of them are really thick and short. Especially women

  70. I'm living in Iceland and I see how easily offended Icelandic women are. They always say that they don't care what people say etc but that proves how really sensitive they are. They just want ethics from men, attention, good attitude, treating. I always keep in mind that it's always me who need to approach woman in Iceland to start communication, 'cause it hard for them to be kind of "easy-going talkative entertainers", whom they are fall for, because they are mostly IST- in Mayers-Briggs typology if this makes sense to you. It's hard for them to speak in public, to approach people and hold relationships on the same level and they feel grateful if you are taking this mission. Most women are in divorce, that's because their men don't fit them - they all - all the nation are quite similar in temper and we all know that should be differences in 2 persons willing to have a happy family. Women here want gentlemen, that's kind of men are always welcome here.


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