I Love Black Women

I love black women. They own me - literally.

I told this story today at work that everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy at my expense. For me, I laugh at the experience, but it's a laugh that's secretly riddled with pain and anguish. It all happened in the 5th grade when I was on the Merry-Go-Round. I was young, carefree, maybe even a little reckless. I was a champion 'red light/green light' player, and excellent at 'four corners.' Needless to say, those skills have translated to untold riches for me.

Anyway, it was was my rightful turn on the Merry-Go-Round, when I decided that I would take my rightful place and spin to my heart's content! It was a short-lived dream. I decided I would take my place by removing a gal by the name of 'Stephanie Smith'. (Nervous chuckle). We shoved back and forth a bit, as I wedged my way into her former section of the Merry-Go-Round. She pushed me off. I landed on my feet. I pushed her back and before I knew it, I saw a flurry of punches. I saw three, but felt twelve. You remember that scene in The Matrix when Agent Smith repeatedly punches Neo in the Subway. I was Neo.

I was on my butt before I knew it. But I will tell you, she outweighed me by at least 50 pounds, the hill was slanted in her favor, and the sun was in my eye. I will also tell you another thing, I was ready to unleash a world of pain if it hadn't been for that teacher who got in my way! I think I've gotten over it quite well. It was the last fight I've even been in. Emotionally, I'm a rock. So what? A girl got in a few lucky shots. It doesn't matter that she was black either. Who cares? It only happened 19 years, 3 months and five days ago.

But I will tell you this - if Condoleeza Rice were to run for President and told me to vote for her - I would do it.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Lover (Not Fighter)

P.S. Hey Stephanie, if you come across this blog post, I hope you're doing good! I miss you. You're so awesome. I don't live in Silicon Valley either, it's just fictional. Um, I live in Florida - bye.

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  1. haha, I'll be praying for you!
    I'm sure Stephanie is scarred for life too....

    I debated whether to call you out for reinforcing stereotypes of black women as 'aggressive and combative'...but I've decided to let you slide : )

    But only cause you're handsome...thank your parents.

    A cute Black girl

  2. Yes Maam, I'll tell my parents right away!

    I like cute black girls - but only if that's ok with you?!?!

  3. that story is hilarious. I am a cute haitian girl, and I have my own "stephanie" story. just think of me frail immigrant girl,against big african american black girl..lol .

    Anyhoo, stumbled onto this site from researching why afro-asian romance counts for less than .01% of interacial relationships...sad really cause of how different, yet beautiful both the features of the races are. sexy couples when it does happen

  4. Cute Haitian girl? How about Haitian-Asian? Let's make this happen!


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