Best Single's Beaches in the World

I'm an avid beach connoisseur (arguably the most difficult word I've ever tried to spell) - always in search of the next beach destination. I love laying right where the water laps onto the soft sands of the beach - just far enough so that the water won't mess up my hair (that last part is troubling for me)..... It's really quite peaceful. Even though my single friends continue to dwindle and my unemployed friends are finding jobs, I remain optimistic that I will continue to travel to remote beach locations with good, quality wingmen and that I may find a new unemployed traveling buddy around every corner.
While I love beaches for the softness of sand and blue water, what crazy single guy doesn't hope for a happy ending? We can't all be the Jonah's Brothers, so for all others - here's my list of top single's beaches where there's a good chance you might get lucky. And if you're a Silicon Valleyian (Valleyite?).... where you might WATCH someone get lucky. Sorry guys, these girls still have standards....

(While specific beach names may be mixed with city names or regions -- just get over it. Who remembers names of beaches in foreign tongues? Heck, I couldn't even remember my sister's birthday until I was 18!!! Give me a break.):

8. Mission Beach, San Diego - this is my college hometown beach. One of the remaining few around SD that still allows you to drink in the open. Most of the beach goers here are working as servers or bartenders and are transplants from the midwest. They spend their tip money on copious amounts of alcohol while their bank accounts remain in the $13 range. I know from first-hand experience. The good thing about people without a life plan is that they live for the moment, thus the possibility that they may regret in the morning when they wake up next to you.

7. Waikiki Beach, Oahu - well.... what can you say about tourists? They're always more down for schenanigans, although this beach isn't higher on the list, because there's a good chance you're going to meet someone who is here with their parents AND staying in the same room. Good luck with that.

6. South Beach, Miami - This place has got some extreme curves and an amazing amount of dental floss as a swimsuit. And that's just me! The clubs are a headache to get into, but well-worth it once you do. I tend to play Will Smith's 'Miami' the entire flight over. Listen to the man when he says "...every different nation, spanish, haitian, indian, jamaican, black, white, cuban and Asian."

5. Mykonos, Greece - Those crazy Euros like to go all topless on ya at the beach. Not to mention, I wish someone had sent me the memo that I was suppose to wear short biker-tights-speedos like Daniel Craig in James Bond. Instead I stood out like a sore thumb with my long board shorts - casually hiking them up every chance I got. Anyway, of all the Greek Islands, this is one of the major party spots.... and did I mention topless?

4. Cancun, Mexico - While Euros party hard and are crazy, Americans party hard and are sloppy. I think it has something to do with them having partied since they were 15 and Americans not getting to do anything until 21 .... unless...... you're going to MEXICO! Because of the American parameters, sloppy drunk women for everyone!

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - I'm a big fan of more intimate party scenes. Cancun can sometimes just be chaotic and there's just too many choices. I loved the fact that people are limited to pretty much one party beach in Cabo where the jams are blasting and pretty much two clubs house everyone. You get to know people by day 3 and if you strike out on day 4, you can always find the day 2 girl and rekindle the romance.

2. Tamarindo, Costa Rica - Let me reiterate intimacy - intimacy breeds quality. Long-lasting relationships and friendships (although, trust me on this, you'll lose touch sooner than later - so why bother?). Anonymity can be good sometimes, but I prefer the places where you meet people and hang out with them the whole time you're on vacation.

1. Phi Phi Island, Thailand - This was a difficult decision, but I think in terms of sheer quality, Phi Phi is the best. It's about a 90 minute boat ride from Phuket, but really worth it, because Phuket is filled with old creepy white guys with girls that look 16. Shame on them. I've previously written about Phi Phi, but it's just a cheap, fun, intimate party scene with hot women.

So there you go! My favorite beaches for possible hanky panky. Keep in mind that Ibiza has not been calculated and will probably be my next trip - unless I have a girlfriend. If that happens, going to Ibiza would be torture. I'd probably reroute to a couple's haven like Maui or start working on weekends.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. You all should check out this site that shows you what girls like around the world, what they're like, and the best places to meet them. It's dope.

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