When an Ex Gets Engaged....

I'm a fan of all my exes. I love them all! They all had such great qualities that at one time or another held me captive for months or maybe a few hours.... then I would get distracted by things like flashing stop lights, pretty rainbows, commercials and things of that nature. Anyway, where was I? My exes.....

I recently had an ex who got an engaged. As far as I know, I was the last serious boyfriend she had before this engagement, which is kind of weird. I even saw pictures on MySpace of her engagement and her new family meeting the old. By all means, I am sooooo happy for her because I know this is what she wanted so desperately. It's only weird because we kind of went down that same road where our parents met each other too. Crazy!

In no way do I want to be with her, but I am still a fan. I just know so much about her, as do many of my exes, and can't help but cheer that she found the right guy. That's why I've never really understood why people can't be friends with their exes. You just get to know someone so well, you like them so much, and then all of a sudden nothing? It just doesn't seem right.

Seeing the pictures did give me a sense of the path I could have been down - and how distant I am to that scenario today. It's kind of sad that everyone is finding that right person except for me. My good friend Sasha (one of my first 'flings') got engaged last month and one of my best friends Josh both also got engaged last week. They are two of the coolest and most generous people I know. Congratulations to all the lovers in the world!

I hate you.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley BACHELOR!!!!

P.S. Come meet up with me at the Peacock Lounge in Sunnyvale, where all the single losers hang out and count down the days of their lives. They make strong drinks too!

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