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OK guys, put the 'CSS-html-java-open-source-firefox-and-Me' book down please! I just got back from my stint away from the valley and learned that (surprise, surprise) women don't like that kind of stuff - not that I would ever have a coding book on me, much less understand it. Let me explain how what you read can really, REALLY help spark a conversation with a lady and not another member of the Klingon nation.

Before my trip to Thailand, I decided to pick up a book at the airport to help me cope with my ensuing 15 hour flight. What I settled in on was a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez titled, 'Love in the Time of Cholera' - and what a decision it turned out to be. (Although I had to debate long and hard between picking up the Nobel Prize winning book or a copy of US Weekly and reading about K-Fed's bulging belly line.)

Even though I was a little concerned that there were no pictures in the book, I was soon to find out that 'Love in the Time of Cholera' was a bonafide (pardon the un-PC) chick-magnet! That was not my intention when I first bought the book; I just wanted to see what kind of book wins a Nobel Prize and I also remembered that a girl I briefly talked to loved Marquez. Trust me: when all else fails - listen to the woman.

Girls were always commenting on the book I was holding, and it even helped reverse the tide with a German gal in Bangkok who was probably surprised I even knew how to read. So fellas, please put down your Warren Buffet, Donald Trump get-rich-book and at least read a book or two that women love. Start with 'Love in the Time of Cholera,' not just because women love it, but because it's well-written and has some of the most elegantly poetic prose I've read in awhile. It will definitely help with those unpoetic code-like IMs and emails you probably write when courting your online chat-room gals. StarfoxXX69 will love it! (You will too, until you find out she's a he!)

Good Luck,
Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

P.S. Stay-tuned all this week for posts and pics of my Thailand/Taiwan trip!

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  1. kevin, i love your blog. i never knew someone related to me could be so funny.
    love, jessica

  2. Thanks Jessica! You're the best....


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