What Valley Guys Do in Their Spare Time

In another stunning sign of valley life - my buddy today showed me what he built. Unlike anyplace else in the world, it wasn't an octabong (we did that in college), but a computer in a box. I was flabbergasted by the nerdiness of it all.

I congratulate you friend. But to protect your future chances of scoring with women, I will withhold your name.

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Radical! That is the sweetest computer I have ever seen.

    Surely the gentleman who created such a masterpiece is a champion -- nay, a god -- in contemporary computer building artistry.

    Perhaps someday commoners will fathom the glorious beauty of this monumental artisanal achievement. We should celebrate, not denigrate, a work of this magnitude.

  2. Wow! Your vocabulary and formulation of words are quite eloquent. I shall champion the cause of computer-in-a-box making skills for all!

    And to think - why spend $200 for One Laptop Per Child when those lousy kids can build it themselves.... Talk about snooty!


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