How a Real Man Uses Post-It Notes

My buddy sent me this pic and I thought it was hilarious - particularly for me, because I always, ALWAYS forget names of girls I'm talking to. I normally employ the 'it's LOUD, why don't you just enter your phone number in my phone?' and shove it into their hand as I secretly gaze over her shoulder to check what name she's entering.

Now I'm just going to ask a name, pull out my post-it notes, write the name down and place it gently on her forehead. You know? Those 'hello my name is' stickers might work pretty good as well. I've never been slapped before, but this could potentially break that streak! If not, what a funny little ice-breaker to be followed-up with discussion of how great MAC makeup is.....

Kevin L.
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Silicon Valley Bachelor, you are pure genius my friend! Keep the good times rollin'.

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