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I hate to always knock the cards I've been dealt, but the Man Jose singles scene without 7 alcoholic beverages in your system can be downright depressing. Fortunately, I always exceed the recommended limit of booze and I have quite a good time in my confines. There is nothing quite like enjoying two tacos, a Jumbo Jack w/cheese, and a chicken sandwich (for the bargain price of under $4) and then passing out in my own bed! Just thinking about it now brings back fond memories and a smile to my face......

Anyway, I cannot debate that San Francisco is more fun (funner if you must) than anywhere else around the Bay Area. The girls are more plentiful, have higher paying jobs, and people are just more willing to let loose when the mode of travel is taxi-cab. While I like the SF party scene much more than anyplace else in the Bay, I dread the thought of crashing on someone's disgusting couch, who lord knows what's been going on on it, or making the dreaded 40 minute commute back to Cupertino at 2 in the morning.

Recently, I spent a week house-sitting for a friend who lived in the city. I thought this would be a good benchmark to see whether I could live in the city and handle a daily 35 minute commute to Los Altos, where I work. My job is the number one reason why I continue to live in the South Bay. Well..... the build-up to this story is kind of anti-climactic. Prepare to be dissappointed.

Highlights of SF:

  • 6 phone numbers (2 were actually quality! And I'm pretty sure they were all girls too!)

  • Meeting up with a dizzying array of friends

  • Options, options, options

  • A jog on the Embarcadero along the water (cut short after 2 blocks - it was just too darn cold)

  • A beautiful view of the city from my friend's living room window (spectacular at my wakeup hour of 3pm)

  • Catching up with friends on the phone on my way to work

Lowlights of SF:

  • Cleaning up cat poop and pee (I don't understand why cats poop and pee more than they eat and drink)

  • The daily commute to Los Altos

  • The daily commute back

  • Added costs of gas, taxi fares and meeting up with friends for dinner, drinks

  • No convenient Jack in a Box locations or a range of middle-tiered, semi-healthy, affordable (under $8) food options (like Chipotle, Baja Fresh, Fresh Choice, Wendy's)

  • Feeling like I needed to make a fashion statement everytime I stepped out the front door

Overall: I would like to move to SF, but it'll take something big happening in my life. Like maybe a raise at my job to $9.25 an hour. With that much money, the sky's the limit!

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. You stay at my place... and I can't even get a shout-out? I'm just a "friend" now? I see how it is, you little...

  2. My friend Wes is the bomb! I particularly enjoyed walking around naked and sitting on his couch with my bare butt cheeks. Thanks Wes!


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