Kiss Me Fool!

One of my friends has this ill-conceived notion that people actually read my blog. Little does he know, it's just me typing in the URL from several different computers at several different locations throughout the day to drive up the unique page views. Plus, I just love reading stuff I write over and over, and laughing to myself at how funny I am. Anyhow, I promised him I would write about the application he built for Facebook, that in just over a month, has over 1 million users!

It's called Kiss Me - and you can find it here. My sources tell me (according to him) that it is now one of the Top 20 Apps on Facebook. That's pretty darn impressive. MerchantCircle has a Facebook app that has like 5 total users - no joke - and they all sit in close proximity to me.

MerchantCircle is still the bomb though! We have over 320,000 members now, which is more than any online local business directory site out there (Citysearch, Yelp, and Yellowbook included). My buddy also sent me this link about the Top 7 reasons to work at a Start-Up and I couldn't agree more. Although I would have added a reason 8: Free Booze! And booze makes kissing me a lot easier!

The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Kevin you rock out loud :) You are the next michael arrington

  2. You write very well.

  3. Thanks Lourana - I have my rare moments. Does this mean you want to kiss me?


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