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There comes a time in every man's life, when they wonder what could have been with that one girl, or that other girl, or that other girl in Mexico.... or that other girl who told you she was a girl, but seemed kind of iffy in the morning. Anyway, I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. That's a very professional age. An age where I'd be creeped out if I were to hit on a college-aged girl and realize that I was 'that guy' who preys on young, impressionable women.

So, at my 29th birthday in Sonoma (see picture above) - do you see anything peculiar? Notice the abundance of smiling couple faces? And arms joined in harmony between opposite sexes? I do. All the time. I would say about 90% of my friends are coupled off. I'm not hating on the figure - the late 20s are an ideal time to find that 'perfect' mate and I'm very happy for everyone. The sad part of it all is finding new, suitable wingmen. It's not easy.

I'm not going to even explain why you need a wingman when going out, if you don't know - you may be beyond my helping. But first of all, a wingman needs to be respectable, yet fun. He needs to be fairly attractive, or moderately good-looking, (which I think are the same terms), have a steady job, be a good, but not great dancer (he shouldn't steal your thunder), a great conversationalist and downright engaging! Afterall, he is a decoy for you to seal the deal on your end.

I happen to be a superb wingman! Unfortunately, my skills are so good, I may quickly be the last 1%! The truth is, I have a hard time finding a girl I like, and I get bored rather quickly. I'm hoping it's just because I haven't found the right girl. Although it may lie in some hidden emotional scars from my childhood, or possibly deep insecurities - probably both.

I'm looking into it.

Kevin Leu
The Insecure Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  2. Yo, maybe that guy behind you in the pic, you know the guy with the Original "Blu Blockers" on and that KGB pose can be your wingman... he looks like he won't be stealing anyone's thunder soon. If anyone gives him crap about his glasses just point them toward Mr. Geek, he made them kool.

  3. You have really dated yourself - I have no idea who Mr. Geek is. But judging from the comments, it looks like I was about 7 when this infomercial aired - good stuff.


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