Leaving Home *gulp* for the Second Time......

Well folks, many of you may remember that I live at home with my parents. And while it's the source of constant amusement for many of my friends and coworkers, and the source of many funny stories to tell, I'm going to miss it.

A big reason I came back to California was because I missed my family. I had been away from home for about 7 years with the occasional week home here and there. You see, my previous career in journalism didn't allow for a lot of time off or breaks for holidays. I got to indulge in a field I love, but I had to endure missing the people I love. My parents, my sister, my aunts and uncles, my cousins - they all live in the Bay Area.

One of the best gifts I've ever received was two Christmas' ago when I was in Columbus, OH. I knew that it would be one more Christmas I'd be working thousands of miles away from home. I had told my sister I wasn't going to get a Christmas tree, mainly to save money, but also because it would have made me sad to decorate it by myself. About a week before Christmas my sister sent me a package - inside was a tiny wire Christmas tree with little matching gifts to place under the tree. I got choked up. Heck, writing about her gesture makes my eyes water.

I love my family and have been thankful for the days I get to say hi to my mom and dad when I get home. I love the fact my sister lives in San Francisco - only a 45 minute drive away. It's enough to neutralize the fact that Silicon Valley ranks in the pits of single night life. I could have moved into my own place months ago, but the lure of having home cooked meals, freshly cut fruit, and no bills to pay, carries a lot of weight. I may tell stories about how my mom calls me at midnight - every night - if I'm not at home, or how she secretly watches me if I have just ONE glass of wine, or how she opens the door to my room without knocking, but believe it or not, I will miss it.

My time in journalism made me very consciously aware of mortality. I spent almost every day covering stories of death and destruction. I know nothing is given. And I know my parents won't be around forever - that fact disturbs me like nothing else can or ever will. I may be leaving home for the the last time, but my parents will never be far from heart. I will always be their son and will one day, I promise, stop at one glass of wine.

Kevin Leu
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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