The Boy Who Would Become My Son!

So after my much celebrated move out of my parent's house...... well.... to my parent's other house (I've got great parents - what can I say?), I haven't really been able to enjoy it much. LA, Vegas, Lake Mead, Vegas, DC, Vegas - I'm starting to sound like a broken record. In fact, my last trip this weekend to Vegas, I wasn't even excited getting off the plane. I thought to myself as I passed people in the airport.... these guys are so lucky, they get to go home.

Anyway, I knew that my move to my parents other house would eventually entail living with a mom and her 5 year old son. Hold on, let me explain. We have a room that's kind of separate from the rest of the house. It's located in the front, but we share a kitchen.

So during my sporadic days in the Bay Area, I started buying furniture and moving odd items into the house. The 5 year old, Jeffrey, runs out during one of these trips and starts to help me unwrap the plastic. 'Cute' I think, since I do love kids, but 'trouble' also lingers in my mind. Part of the reason I needed to move out of my house was privacy issues (see earlier post). Plus, how was I going to facilitate my 'bachelor' ways with a 5 year old running out to play everytime I come home?

OK, maybe this is just a fluke incident. About a week later, I was proven wrong.

I sell a box frame to one of my buddies who comes to my house to pick it up. As we're standing by my truck talking, I see a little boy standing in the doorway just staring at us. I decide to ignore him, so as not to encourage him to respond affectionately everytime I come home. He doesn't leave for several minutes. I am not amused, neither is he.

Finally, I walk up to the door and tell him we have to leave and I have to close the door. He doesn't say anything as I awkwardly close the door in his face. As I'm driving away, I now notice a precarious figure standing in the large window in the front of the house. He is waiving at me vigorously as I pull away. I wave back. I am now amused in an uncomfortable way.

I sense a major issue brewing here. I may not be able to live here if I want my privacy.

Finally, just yesterday, I bought an XBOX 360 and brought it back to the home I may possibly live in. As I am sitting in my living room, I hear the front door open and two little feet bypassing his own door for the hallway leading to mine. I hope that his mother stops him. It doesn't happen. He runs in and starts talking to me. I say nothing to him as I try and pull my new XBOX out of the box. He beats me to the punch as he lifts the other flap of the box to see what's inside.

There is no squashing the curiosity of a 5 year old - not even silence. I am at a crossroads now. Let's just say I'm still living with my parents and the XBOX 360 is here with me.

Oh what tangled webs we weave......

Kevin Leu
The Silicon Valley Bachelor

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  1. Poor lad. You are so lost.

    We can help you. Charley loves Asians.

  2. Charley is a great man my friend. Please follow our path.

  3. I am confused by this Charley character. Is he the same Charley on the ABC show 'Lost'? Because I love that show....


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