'Facing' the Music in Miami

Miami has one of the most unique nightlife scenes I've experienced. The women are hot, but it's expensive - more so than New York and Las Vegas. I easily spend, on average, 16 dollars a drink. They have something I've dubbed 'Face Lines' which essentially means that you stand around a velvet rope that blocks the door and hope you get picked to get into the club. For guys, this is never a great scenario, unless of course, you're incredibly good looking like me!!!

I headed to Miami this last week for the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA) National Convention. It's always a good time, full of great journalists from television, radio, newspaper and online media. Every night of the convention ended with some serious Miami heat - literally. It was humid and annoying as heck to try and talk your way into every club you went to. And we went to a lot.

I don't mean to brag, (ok, I probably do), but I rarely wait in line or get rejected from a club. It's not that I'm presumptuous or cocky, it's more so that I use a lot of humility when approaching bouncers or doormen. I'll flash a press pass and say, 'if it's cool, I'm a journalist from out of town, I'd love to come in and check out your club. If not, that's totally fine.' Normally that's enough. If not, I'm fine with greasing a $20 bill to get in front of the line. Although, the whole process of folding the bill into your thumb area and slyly giving the doorman a hug/handshake cracks me up. It's like 'hey buddy, long time no see! Funny how you didn't recognize me two minutes ago!'

Throughout the convention we went to some really fun places: Mansion, Shore Club, Delano Hotel, Opium, Mokai, but there was one, ONE place we couldn't get in. That dubious (or exclusive) distinction goes to Set. It probably didn't help matters that we had like 15 people with us, over half male. Still, I stood outside one section of the velvet rope for almost 45 minutes, trying everything in the book to get this idiot guy's attention, 'Cedric', who probably loves playing God for one night of the week as the 'Main Doorman'. I eventually said, 'please, just let these 3 ladies in and we'll call it even.'

No luck. The frustrated section of our group took off for what turned out to be one heck of a night. We spent some time partying with Hollywood director, Justin Lin and some of his cast members from his upcoming film, Finishing The Game. He bought two bottles of Patron and I can only imagine how much that must have cost.

All in all, avoid Miami if you don't have super chic club clothes, rico suave good looks, lots of money, or an armful of women.

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